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Common problems with control consoles and how to fix them

A height adjustable control console - Common problems and how to fix them

Here is a list of common problems with control consoles

These are some common problems that can be easily taken care of by control console operators. Our consoles are comprised of multiple components, and it is important to not neglect any aspect of their proper maintenance and operation.

Components of a height adjustable control console - Common problems and how to fix them

Verify the components that present common problems with control consoles:

  1. Height adjustable worksurfaces

  2. Monitors & monitor arms

  3. Keypad control

  4. Steel panels

  5. Monument system

  6. Cable management chains

  7. Heavy duty actuators

  8. CPU storage cabinet

  9. Personal storage cabinet

  10. Rackmount system

If the control console is out of level.

Make sure to use the leveling glides underneath the consoles to ensure the worksurface is properly leveled.

Fix a control console that is out of level.

If height adjustment in the control console doesn’t work.

Check connections to the command box, located below the work surface. Unplug and plug back every connection. If the actuators are still not functioning properly, perform a reset by following these instructions.

Fix height adjustable control console not working by plugging and unplugging actuators

To fix cable management on control consoles.

Make sure all cables are long enough to run the entire console by opening the CPU drawers and setting the surfaces at their maximum height. Otherwise, cables will break and damage the equipment.

Fix cable management in height adjustable control console with cable chains

Make sure all cables run along the substructure of the console and pass through the dedicated grommet hole. This will help you to keep a clutter-free workspace and minimize the risk of accidents. For more details on cable management read this article.

Pass cables throught the grommet holes of the control console

To minimize the risk of accidents and damage to the control consoles.

Always place your tools and equipment on top of the work surface, never under the worksurface or on the CPU storing cabinets. Otherwise, you risk damaging the consoles and the equipment.

A height adjustable control console with cable chains

Make sure all objects on the worksurface are stable or fixed to the console, this will minimize the risks of damaging the equipment and of injuries caused by falling objects.

A height adjustable control console with large worksurface

To clean the control console.

When cleaning the work surface, the steel panels, and any metal pieces with non-abrasive cleaning products or with soapy water. For instructions on disinfecting our products consult this article.

A clean and clutter-free control console

Use the monument system to connect and charge electronic devices that are not fixed to the console. When not in use, push the monument down until you hear a click. Press again to open.

Make sure to separate data and power cables by running each type of cable through the dedicated electrical railways. The steel panel located at the back of the console can be lifted to access the electrical raceways. The image below shows power running through the orange raceway and data cables running through the green one.

A control console with electrical raceway to separate data and power cables.

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