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Height-Adjustable Console Troubleshooting Guide

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

In this short article, we will describe some common troubleshooting guidelines to follow when lifting columns that need to be reset. We will start by describing the different common terms and components of the height-adjustable columns.

Terms & Components
  • Desk leg (DL): The lifting columns, typically with powder-coated steel profiles, are responsible for lifting the working load of the application.

  • Control box (CBD6S): Both the computer and power supply of the system.

  • Desk panel (DP): The user interface. Depending on the model, it is used to activate the application, set memory positions, display the height, display error codes, connect to mobile apps, and give reminders to the user.

  • Motor cable: Transmits low voltage power (18-39 VDC) from the control box to the desk legs, and also transmits PIEZO signals when available from the desk leg.

  • Mains cable: Transmits high voltage power (120 VAC in the US and Canada) to the control box.

Standard Troubleshooting Procedures

The desk will move down but not up. When a control box requires initialization, this is how the system is programmed to behave.

P1) Initialize the control box

  1. Step 1. Hold Down button on desk panel to ensure the desk is retracted to its lower limit (whether it’s the fully retracted hard stop or a configured lower limit).

  2. Step 2. Briefly release Down

  3. Step 3. Press and hold Down for 5 seconds, wait until all desk movement has stopped, then release

    1. If initialization is successful, you should see a slight up/down “handshake” movement of the desk legs

    2. If you have a desk panel with a display, you should also see E01 during this part of the procedure.

P2) Check all cable connections

  • Step 1. Mains cable, connected to both the control box and power outlet.

  • Step 2. All motor cables, connected to both the control box and desk leg.

    • a. Assuming a standard control box configuration, these must be connected in channels 1 and 2, or channels 1, 2, and 3 for a 3-leg table. They can’t be connected in channels 1 and 3 or 2 and 3 unless there is a configuration on the control box specifying this arrangement.

  • Step 3. Desk panel cable, connected to the control box in either port A1 or A2 (doesn’t matter which)

P3) Check for any obstructions

  • Step 1. Check under, above, and on the sides of the desk for any obstructions that could prevent movement in either direction.

P4) Check for faulty component(s) with error codes

Troubleshooting Components with Error Codes

The following error code should read "E##" on the keypad display. Some error codes are channel-specific which can help pinpoint the problem.

Download the complete error code guide:

Download PDF • 512KB

​Error Code






Position Lost

​The desk has an unknown position and needs to be initialized

  • ​Position error

  • New Desk Leg added

​Initialize the system (P1)


​General Overload Up

​Overload in upward direction has occurred

  • ​Obstruction

  • Bad leg or motor cable

​Check all cable connections, (P2) initialize the system (P1)


​General Overload Down

Overload in downward direction has occurred

  • Obstruction

  • Bad leg or motor cable

​Check all cable connections, (P2) initialize the system (P1)



​Indicate that software failed to kick watchdog

  • ​Program Fault

  • ​Unplug mains cable for 15 sec

  • Initialize the system (P1)

  • Replace Control Box


​LIN Collision

​Collisions detected on the LIN bus

  • ​ Key pressed on two or more connected handset simultaneously

  • Multiple LINBUS devices activated

  • ​Check if another desk panel is connected and being activated

  • Unplug all but one desk panel and test system


​Power Fail

​Power fail happened, or power regulator adjusted below 10%

  • ​Mains cable pulled during driving

  • Internal fault

  • Only 1 battery for a 3- or 4-channel system

  • ​Check mains cable is not caught, and is allowed to freely travel

  • Use strain-relief loop built into control box

  • Use a 2nd battery; charge batteries

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