911 Dispatch Consoles

The Transit Series C-300 is the most advanced dispatch console system designed to optimize operator/dispatcher comfort the workplace. Learn more about the sit-stand & dual height-adjustable console system.


ConsoleAlert® instant insights on the status, activities and performance of teams. Specifically developed for 911 emergency call centers (PSAP) applications, the alerting system enables operators/dispatchers to request assistance directly from their workstation.

Personal Environmental System

PES 360

PES 360 is a personal environmental system designed to optimize the work environment of operators/dispatchers. The user-friendly touch screen interface enables 911 operators to set their preferred settings for heaters, fans, and lights at the single touch of a button.

Video Wall Support

Sustema's Video Wall Series offers a high degree of adaptability and functionality in the PSAP with it's modular structure, integrated cable management system, CPU & IT equipment enclosures and easy access to power/data ports.

Ergonomic Chairs

Browse our ergonomic seating solutions. Ideal for high pressure work environments, heavy weight and 24/7 shift schedules.


Sustema distributes a wide variety of ergonomic office accessories for 24/7 work environments. Heavy-duty monitor arms, keyboard & CPU holders, task lamps, power bars and more.

Dispatch Console Installation


25 years of experience designing innovative work environments.

In-house design team*


Custom-made 24/7 command & dispatch consoles, data centers, technology tables and more. 


100% turnkey projects: design, manufacturing, delivery, warranty, and installation.






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