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Console Keypad Instructions

In this section, you will find helpful tips to learn how to use your console and troubleshoot the system. If , after trying all those tips, you still have an issue. Feel free to reach us at or 1-800-455-8450. Note that the procedures below are applicable to all our keypad models:

How to Reset the Actuators

  1. Press and hold the down key until the surface reaches its lowest position.

  2. Release the down key when the lowest position is reached.

  3. Press again the down key and hold until the reset procedure is completed.

Note: The surface will perform some up and down micro adjustments, before stopping again.

How to Store a Memory

Favorite Heights can be stored to easily inside the keypad to allow easy configuration.

  1. Drive to the height you wish to store.

  2. Hold the ‘S’ button and then the desired memory button

  3. Your position has now been stored.

Note: To recall your memory position, press the memory button until you reach the stored position.

How to Adjust the Keypad Height

Correct the height in the display to the actual height of the desk by following the procedure shown in the video or in the text below.

How to set the height of your desk:
Measure the actual height of your desk – from floor to the upper edge of the tabletop.

Set the height:

  1. Press the up and down keys at the same time.

  2. A figure appears in the display.

  3. Use the up or down key to change the figure to the actual height.

Support Inquiries

Sustema’s dedicated fully bilingual Client Services Representatives are available to look after your needs. We are available from 8:00am to 5:30pm weekdays, (EST). Calls received after 5:30pm EST will be returned by 8:00am EST the following business day. Service request can also be made by email. 24/7 Service is available upon request. Sustema’s warranty on all furniture products reflects the commitment to designing and building furniture made to last.

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