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Workplace Diversity

Striving For Excellence Through Diversity

Today's successful companies recognize the rich contribution of its employees and reinforce the need to offer engaging positions to this diverse pool of talent.  By employing people irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity, language, age, ability or disability to contribute to the company’s success it can be said that more diversity & inclusion brings intangible and direct benefits and we see it play out in everyday decisions. Our team is more likely to bring a creative difference to solving problems and provide an innovative edge because of their skills and experience.

Business People Applauding

Organizational Culture: Pulling Together

A company culture from the employee perspective (and perception) will influence whatever occurs at the workplace. Sustema strives to present a healthy environment where ideas, personalities, and human interaction has a place to grow.  We want employees to give their best effort freely because that will yield constructive results. To be fully engaged and enthusiastic about their work.  Not only to accomplish a task but to encourage them to take ownership of it - to empower them.  That flows  from a Trust & Respect between employees, department teams and managers.  From that we have enjoyed many long-term employees


Workplace Fundamentals: A Place To Grow

Our workplace is a combination of tangible - a combination of stated objectives and measurable results - that is the day-to-day. And since our business is innovative office furniture solutions our employees enjoy the best of the currently available office environment and this translates into efficiency; and the intangible - building trust, allowing creativity and a free exchange of ideas, allowing flexible schedules, work from home and a respect for employee's need to balance work with other commitments.


Our Commitment

A diverse workforce reflects the population at large.  Our society is made up of a spectrum of ages, genders, languages and is increasingly growing in ethnic diversity.  One area that is seldom looked at is the 15% of the population at-large with disabilities.  They suffer substantial disadvantages and exclusion from the mainstream by the physical, technological, and social barriers preventing them from participation at all levels.  Sustema is committed to incorporate an effective, fair, and timely process to accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities.  By enabling qualified individuals' with disabilities to equally participate is a priority while providing career opportunity, development, and advancement.



25 years of experience designing innovative work environments.

In-house design team*


Custom-made 24/7 command & dispatch consoles, trading desks, technology tables and more. 


100% turnkey solutions: design, manufacturing, delivery, warranty, and installation.

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