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Video Wall

Control Room Video Wall

Sustema designs and manufactures innovative video wall display structures to support multiple computer monitors, video projectors, and televisions to form one large screen. Built for 24/7 applications, our video wall systems are used in control rooms, command centers (CCTV surveillance), broadcast centers and more. 

Modular Video Wall

The modular video wall structure is specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer. Certified by our team engineers, the heavy-duty steel frame ensures the systems strength and stability. 

Flexible Video Wall Structure for control room - Sustema Inc

High Mounting Capacity

Custom Configurations

The video wall can be used as self-standing system or anchored to the floor, making it easy to install and adapt to any environment. The various bracket systems and horizontal beams allows users to easily configure the monitors at the desired height on the video wall

Ergonomic and heavy duty 911 dispatch control console - Sustema Inc control console manufacturer - video wall



Integrated Cable Management

The vertical and horizontal posts serve as cable raceways organizing power and data cables to facilitate the installation of audiovisual components. The structure can be integrated with secured enclosures and power bars to support the IT equipment.

Command center video wall for Ergonomic and heavy duty 911 dispatch control console - Sustema Inc control console manufacturer

CPU Enclosures

Professional Video Wall Installations

Our video wall is assembled and tested in our facility prior to shipment to ensure the system quality. Our team of certified installers are available to install, service or maintain your consoles at your convenience.

Contact Us

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-800-455-8450 or fill out the following form


25 years of experience designing innovative work environments.

In-house design team.


Custom-made 24/7 command & dispatch consoles, data centers, technology tables and more. 


100% turnkey projects: design, manufacturing, delivery, warranty, and installation.

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