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24/7 Traffic Control Rooms

Sustema designs ergonomic command center environments for air traffic control, maritime traffic control and road traffic control centers. Learn more about our innovative consoles & video wall support solutions.

Single Surface

The Focus Series C-200 is a versatile control room console solution. Equipped with an integrated cable management system and lockable CPU storage areas, the consoles can be customized to fit any configuration & layout. 

Dual Surface

The Transit Series C-300 is an advanced console system integrating innovative & ergonomic functions. The console is designed to optimize operator comfort by using two movable surfaces to fit any shape and size of user and accommodate changing IT requirements over the years

Video Wall

Sustema's Video Wall Series offers a high degree of adaptability and functionality in the control room with its modular structure, an integrated cable management system, CPU equipment enclosures and easy access to power/data ports.

24/7 Chairs

Browse our ergonomic seating solutions for control room environments. Ideal for high pressure work environments, high load capacity and 24/7 365 usage.


Sustema distributes a wide variety of ergonomic office accessories for 24/7 work environments. Heavy-duty monitor arms, keyboard & CPU holders, task lamps, power bars and more.

Data Center

Learn more about Sustema's solutions for data centers including custom-made server racks, PDU/UPS, SmartRow containment, and thermal/layout consulting.

Traffic Control Room Installation


25 years of experience designing innovative work environments.

In-house design team*


Custom-made 24/7 command & dispatch consoles, data centers, technology tables and more. 


100% turnkey projects: design, manufacturing, delivery, warranty, and installation.

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