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Turnkey Data Center Solutions

SmartRow Intelligent Data Center Row System

The SmartRow intelligent row system can combine up to ten server cabinets. With superior air conditioning, energy distribution management, monitoring and control mechanisms, cable management and fire suppression system, the SmartRow is a closed, all-inclusive system. With multiple ways to configure for future expansion, power and cooling redundancy levels and emergency ventilation - SmartRow is a flexible solution to meet today's needs while being prepared for tomorrow's unknown.

SmartAisle Infrastructure Solution

The SmartAisle infrastructure solution optimizes the deployment and management of a data center aisle infrastructure. The aisle integrates server and network cabinets, power, in-line air conditioning, a containment aisle, monitoring and environmental control for up to 40 cabinet expansions.

The SmartMod intelligent Data Center solution

The SmartMod intelligent solution is a rapidly deployable modular container for stand-alone data centers. The SmartMod infrastructure solution is factory pre-designed to provide full power and cooling to allow for more infrastructure flexibility. This means that once you have configured your SmartMod container, all that remains is to deliver it to its intended location. Equipped with remote management, intelligent controls, and unparalleled engineering to meet your needs for economy and efficiency, the SmartMod is the ideal solution for any IT manager who wants peace of mind.

Customized Data Center Solutions

Our team of certified installers is available at all times to accommodate your organization's needs. 

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