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  • How do you reset actuators on consoles?
    Press and hold the down key until the surface reaches its lowest position. (Watch Video) Release the down key when the lowest position is reached. Press again the down key and hold until the reset procedure is completed. Note: The surface will perform some up and down micro adjustments, before stopping again.
  • How to save a height memory preset?
    Favorite Heights can be stored to easily inside the keypad to allow easy configuration. (Watch Video) Drive to the height you wish to store. Hold the ‘S’ button and then the desired memory button Your position has now been stored. Note: To recall your memory position, press the memory button until you reach the stored position.
  • How much do you charge for floor plan design services?
    At Sustema, we’ll help you design your control room or 911 dispatch center free of charge! Do you have a project coming up? Let us know how we can help and our industrial designers will sketch out a personalized solution for your control center. Learn More
  • How long does it take to get floor plan my drawings?
    After we get an idea of what your needs are, our team of industrial designers will take approximately 1-2 weeks to design the preliminary drawings of your control center and consoles. Learn More
  • How long does it take to receive the consoles?
    After receiving signed shop drawings, you can expect approximately 10 to 12 weeks for consoles to get manufactured at our facility, shipped, and installed at your location.
  • Who handles the shipping?
    At Sustema, we help our clients from beginning to end, from designing the preliminary designs, manufacturing, shipping, all the way up to the installation at your facility.
  • What is the warranty on consoles?
    With some of our console installations having over 20 years and still being in-use, we feel confident in offering our consoles with a lifetime warranty. Download our warranty document.
  • Who We Are
    Started in 1996 as a systems integrator company, Sustema evolved to manufacture specialized control room consoles for 24/7 mission-critical work environments. With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, we’ve helped thousands of customers across North-America. Learn More
  • Our Products
    Sustema manufactures high-quality and custom-made furniture solutions for IT-intensive work environments. Our products include, control room & command consoles, video walls, technology meeting tables, tech-benches, training desks, and data-center solutions among others.
  • Our Services
    Sustema offers in-house design, consultation, manufacturing and installation services. Learn More


25 years of experience designing innovative work environments.

In-house design team*


Custom-made 24/7 command & dispatch consoles, data centers, technology tables and more. 


100% turnkey projects: design, manufacturing, delivery, warranty, and installation.

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