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Data Center Monitoring & Management

DCIM Services

DCIM services includes all activities (preventive, corrective and operational) that are necessary to the maintenance and performance of a Data Center physical infrastructure. This implies the management and optimization of energy consumption, cooling environment, security accesses and alerts. It also covers best practices for racks, cables and systems management.

Thermal Audit

The Data Center Thermal Audit is an evaluation in time of the temperature behavior at the rack level. This continuous improvement tool allows the data center manager to identify hotspots or weaknesses of the cooling system. These findings, formalized in the form of a report, allows subsequently lead the appropriate actions in order to correct deviations.

Data Center Audit

The Data Center audit report is a holistic evaluation of the data center’s behavior. Whether your servers are hosted in the cloud or you run your own data center, it is essential that environmental conditions, power capacity as well as physical access be controlled. A structured audit approach will allow you to clearly identify the strenghts and weaknesses of your data center to ensure that you correctly monitor and control the risks related to environmental conditions in your data center (power, cooling and access security), 

KVM Solutions

Sustema distributes a wide selection of KVM solutions. The KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Switches are used to control multiple computers/servers from a single point of contact. The access can be done locally or remotely through the network.

Professional Data Center Infrastructure

Our team of certified installers are available to install, service or maintain your consoles at your convenience.

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