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Server Racks & IT Enclosures

Lanrack Enclosures

The Lanrack Enclosures are ideal for spaces requiring high levels of flexibility, security and durability. They offer great functionnality and full compatibility for mounting any EIA 310-D rackmount servers, switches or other equipment.

Innotech Enclosures

The Innotech cabinets are ideal for high levels of customization, security and high density equipment. Sustema’s high grade Inno-Tech cabinet collection caters to the specific needs of computer rooms, “rackmount” type server closets, network operation centers, internet service providers and colocation centers.

Server Storage

Integration offers a reliable, high performance storage for servers and associated equipment when enclosures are not required. The ability to combine servers storage and console access within the same system allow client to save space and improve occasional maintenance work. A scalable and functional system to house servers for a branch or a small office.

High Security Server Cabinet

Available in different sizes and configurations, the High Security Cabinet is designed to protect your valuable and critical information equipment. Benefits of the HS Cabinet System include limiting access to authorized personnel, combination locks for controlled access and fully ventilated thermostatic system.

Wallmount Cabinets

Data centers computer monitor wall mounts are an economical solution for installing telecommunications equipment. They are also very useful for applications that do not require large computer equipment storage capacities.

Data Center Accessories

Sustema manufactures and distributes a wide variety of accessories such as Blank Panels, Fans, pagoda tops, shelves, cage nuts, cable rings, cable managers, transversal cable managers, and many others

Professional Data Center Infrastructure

Our team of certified installers are available to install, service or maintain your consoles at your convenience.

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