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14 Must-Have Features to Transform 911 Control Console Operations

Picture yourself in the middle of an emergency center. It is a flurry of calls, lights flashing, and critical decisions being made in the blink of an eye. In this adrenaline-fueled environment, the efficiency and comfort of these operators are paramount. To get the job done, operators need reliable consoles, and the best consoles include these 14 must-have features. So, without further ado, let's dive into the future of control console design – where optimization meets innovation. 


1. Integrated Heating and Cooling Systems:

Integrated heating system for 911 control consoles
Integrated heating system for 911 control consoles

We know it is hard to agree on the right temperature for the control room’s thermostat. Operators need a comfortable temperature to maintain their focus and well-being. This is why you’ll find cooling fans and heaters, integrated into our control consoles.  


2. Personal Storage Compartments:

Personal storage solutions for 911 control consoles
Personal storage solutions for 911 control consoles

Efficient organization is key in fast-paced environments. Personal storage compartments allow operators to keep non-essential documents and tools off their work surface, minimizing distractions and streamlining their workflow. Operators can leave their personal effects inside a secure cabinet while they work. 


3. Personal Lighting:

Sturdy 24/7 task lights for 911 control rooms
24/7 task lights for 911 control rooms

As with temperature, lighting becomes essential when working in the control room. Operators can use task lights to adjust the illumination levels according to their preferences and task requirements. This can help when reading documents or taking notes. Adaptable lighting reduces eye strain and promotes alertness during extended shifts. Our consoles can support the best task lights for 24/7 use. 


4. Height Adjustability: 

Ergonomic design principles dictate that workstations should accommodate operators of varying heights. Height-adjustable consoles ensure proper posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries over time. Also, being able to work while sitting and standing promotes movement among operators and helps them remain focused. 


5. Monitor Focal Adjustment:

Monitor array for 911 control consoles
Monitor array for 911 control consoles

Optimizing viewing angles is critical for monitoring multiple screens at the same time. Since every operator is unique, they should be able to adjust the monitors to their preferred depth. Focal adjustment features allow operators to position monitors for maximum clarity and comfort, enhancing situational awareness. Our consoles can adapt to the user’s needs by incorporating a wide array of monitor mounts. 


6. Slide-out CPU Trays:

Slide-out CPU trays for 911 control consoles

Efficient use of space is essential in control room environments. Slide-out CPU trays offer convenient access to computer equipment without resulting in downtime. That also means that the equipment never leaves the workstation and stays secure. Our consoles feature slide-out CPU trays for easy IT management. 


7. Front & Rear Access Doors:

Rear access doors for IT maintenance in Control Consoles
Rear access doors for easy IT maintenance

For control consoles, having easy access to cables and equipment facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting tasks, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our consoles integrate secure access doors to protect the IT equipment. They can be placed either on the front or on the back of the console so that maintenance can occur at any time. 


8. Leg Room:

Control console with ample legroom for comfort

Comfortable legroom promotes circulation and reduces discomfort during prolonged periods of sitting. Ample legroom is essential for operator comfort and overall well-being. Our consoles have excellent legroom because the IT equipment can be kept out of the way in secure CPU enclosures. 


9. Flexibility of Monitor Arms:

Adaptable monitor arm for 911 control consoles

Adjustable monitor arms enable operators to position screens at optimal viewing distances and angles, reducing neck strain and enhancing productivity. Our consoles can accommodate many monitor arms to create workstations that adapt to every user. 


10. Urethane Waterfall Edge:

Ergonomic urethane edging for 911 control consoles

To provide comfort during extended periods of typing and mouse usage, ergonomically designed consoles feature urethane edging. They provide a smooth surface for operators to rest their hands on and prevent stress-related injuries.  


11. Personal Environmental System:

Personal environmental system for temperature control

When integrating heating systems and cooling fans into the design of a console, operators need an easy way to control them. Smart solutions like our Personal Environmental System allow operators to customize the temperature and airflow settings according to their comfort preferences, optimizing productivity and focus. Also, they can control the brightness of task lamps and status lights.  


12. Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lighting LED panels for 911 control consoles

Aside from having a 24/7 task lamp, consoles can also be equipped with LED strips that create subtle ambient lighting. This can help to reduce glare and enhance visual comfort without causing distractions.

13. Dual Surfaces:

Control console with dual worksurface for clutter free workspace

Dual surfaces are essential to create an ergonomic workspace. They provide ample workspace for multitasking and organizing tools efficiently. The monitor worksurface can be adjusted to the user’s preferred height for optimal viewing angles. Meanwhile, the main worksurface can be arranged independently for keyboard usage.

14. Cable Management Wall:

Cable management wall system for 911 control rooms

It is important to keep cables organized to prevent tangling and tripping hazards inside the control room. Cable management means that IT equipment is easy to install and upgrade. Ergonomic consoles are designed with electrical raceways to keep cables secured. Our consoles feature a wall system to route cables and keep them safe while allowing for easy access when performing maintenance.

Does your control console have all of these must-have features? 

In the dynamic and high-pressure environment of 911 control rooms, optimizing console features is crucial for enhancing operator efficiency and comfort. By incorporating these features into control room design, organizations can empower their operators to perform at their best, ultimately contributing to more effective emergency response and public safety. 

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