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Transit E - Sustema Introduces Electric Monitor Arms for Control Room Consoles

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

This control console is ONLY available in Canada

In this video, Derek Dugas, account manager at Sustema presents the Transit E console designed for mission-critical applications such as 911 dispatch centers, control rooms, operation, and monitoring centers. The Transit console E is an evolution from the Transit dual surface workstations. With the simple touch of a button, operators can now raise and lower the worksurface independently from the monitor arms.

Electric Monitor Arm System

The electric monitor arm system provides a focal depth of 12 inches and a vertical elevation of 18" making it fully adjustable to any size and person. The adjustments enable the workstation to accommodate the 5% percentile shortest person up to the 95% percentile tallest person, giving each operator a custom solution during each shift.

PES 360: Fans, Heaters, Lights

The PES 360, Sustema's personal environment system provides users with control over their individual work environment. Everything from lighting, temperature, air quality, and height adjustment by the user to personalize their work area, and improve productivity and satisfaction.


Consoles can be customized with a linear, cockpit, and curved work surface integrating waterfall or PVC edge around the surface. The waterfall urethane edge designs shown in the video can help prevent wrist injuries or forearms for users working long shifts. Edges are fully customizable from a variety of colors and textures.

Underneath the surface, The Transit E console also integrates an anti-collision system also called a bump sensor to prevent from hitting obstacles when the surface is in motion adding an extra layer of safety to operators.

Cable Management

Another major consideration when designing the Transit E console is the number of CPUs, monitors, equipment, and technology requiring cables when working in IT-intensive environments, especially when factoring in the ergonomic features of height-adjustable workstations. With this in mind, Sustema designed the workstation with integrated cable chains as well as a cable management wall system to make sure that nothing gets unplugged when raising or lowering surfaces.

CPU Enclosures

The CPU enclosures include a secured locking system and can integrate custom-designed openings to ensure the ventilation of the IT equipment. The storage space can be transformed into personal storage space as well. Additionally, CPU enclosures include sliding shelves for easy access to CPUs in case of troubleshooting.


Thanks in part to the cable management wall system, glass partitions with LED lights underneath can be incorporated into the top of the wall with laser-printed logos of your organization. Logos and branding can also be printed on the side panels to fully customize the workstation to fit your center.

Request a quote for Transit E here.


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