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PES 360

Personal Environmental System

PES 360 is a personal environmental system providing customized comfort at your fingertips. The user-friendly touch screen allows individuals to control the temperature, airflow, lighting, and surface height with one controller leaving the work-space uncluttered.


How Does It Work?

PES 360 addresses the needs of operator comfort working long shifts by enabling them to adapt their console workstation environment to their preferences. PES 360 serves as a single control unit for all the workstation functionalities including fans speed, heater temperature, light intensity, and surface height preferences.



The fans speed is controlled by the touchscreen interface and are integrated directly into the console surface to reduce clutter.



Mounted at the lower base of the workstation/console, users can adjust the temperature directly from the touch interface.


Task Lights

PES 360 offers dimming functionality to your task light to better adapt to users work environment.


Occupancy Sensor

The integrated occupancy sensor shuts the system down when the console is not used, saving energy.


Touch Display

The user-friendly touch screen display enables operators to easily navigate on the device.


User Presets

Settings preferences can be saved in the PES 360 to up to 3 presets per console.

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