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How We Designed a Cutting-Edge Tech Lab for a College: A Client Case Study

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The client, a renowned nonprofit educational institution.

Our client is a nonprofit educational institution renowned for its academic excellence in communication, the arts, and the liberal arts. With a commitment to attracting independent thinkers from diverse backgrounds worldwide, the college sought to enhance its innovative pursuits by upgrading its IT capabilities through the development of a cutting-edge tech lab.

Corner Techbench for Technology Lab in Modern College
72'' x 96'' Corner Techbench.

The project, designing an upgraded tech lab for higher education.

When our team undertook the transformative project for our esteemed client, a prominent college in the bustling city of Boston, the needs were abundantly clear. The college was determined to bring its technology lab into the 21st century, requiring a comprehensive upgrade of its IT department. At the heart of this endeavor was the quest for cutting-edge furniture solutions, with a specific focus on state-of-the-art tech benches.

The client envisioned tech benches 96 inches in length, arranged back to back, to create a collaborative and innovative workspace. Additionally, they sought tech benches designed in a corner configuration to cater to the requirements of individual rooms. This ambitious vision set the stage for a project that would not only meet but exceed the client's expectations, providing a technologically advanced learning environment for their users.

The solution is a technology table suitable for IT-intensive environments.

Sustema provided an exceptionally versatile solution, perfectly aligning with the college's diverse needs. Our system is designed to adapt seamlessly to a multitude of applications, serving as a service center, scientific and forensic laboratory, staging area, and more. The laboratory configuration, in particular, is a masterpiece of adaptability, featuring a modular design that integrates all essential IT equipment.

Heavy Duty Techbench for Technology lab in Modern College
96'' Techbench.

At the core of this configuration are single-unit workstations configured side by side. This modular structure allows for limitless customization, with the flexibility to add surfaces and shelves on both sides of vertical posts. The result is a dynamic, multidisciplinary workspace that can be effortlessly reconfigured and expanded to meet evolving requirements.

Cable management is a standout feature of our system. It ensures a neat and efficient workspace, routing power and data cables through the posts and beams. Users can access the equipment with ease, thanks to multiple cable management options, including front access through the accessory support, back access in the power channel, and integrated raceway access via the power raceway channel. This meticulous approach to cable management enhances productivity and underscores the system's adaptability to the college's unique application requirements, making it the ideal choice for a dynamic and future-ready environment.

Height adjustable 96'' techbench for technology laboratory in modern college
96'' Techbench

The result:

Once installed, our client boasts a modern technical lab for a College with open office space where the 96-inch tech benches are, arranged in a back-to-back configuration. As well as 4 other rooms equipped with individual tech benches, both in the corner configurations and in the stand-alone configuration.

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3x 96'' Back to back techbenches for technology laboratory in modern college
3x 96'' Back to Back techbenches.



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