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Designing and building a modern Technology laboratory for software and hardware innovations

About the client, an innovator in the transportation industry

Our client is at the forefront of innovation in the tech sector, focusing on crafting and producing pioneering software and hardware systems. Their mission is centered on fostering a future of transportation that is not only more secure but also environmentally conscious and intricately interconnected. Their expertise aids global automotive manufacturers in developing vehicles that are equipped with cutting-edge safety mechanisms, sustainable power systems, and sophisticated connectivity options. This visionary approach is propelling the evolution of how we think about mobility and vehicle technology.

About the project, a state-of-the-art tech lab for the tech industry

For their state-of-the-art control room, our client was in pursuit of a highly specialized set of requirements to support their advanced technological operations. They needed a workspace solution that could not only withstand the rigors of constant use but also streamline their complex workflows. The essential criteria included:

  • A stable and robust support structure to anchor the workspace securely. 

  • Efficient cable and power management systems to maintain an organized and hazard-free environment. 

  • Spacious and durable work surfaces that could accommodate multiple monitors and equipment without strain. 

  • Height-adjustable components to cater to the ergonomic needs of a diverse team, allowing for a customizable and comfortable work setting. 

  • Adequate electrical access points to power a multitude of devices simultaneously, essential for a technology-driven operation. 

  • Flexible mounting solutions to ensure optimal positioning of screens, aiding in reducing eye strain and increasing productivity. 

  • Ample storage solutions that could offer both accessibility and security, keeping essential tools and documents at hand yet orderly. 

  • Task lighting that could provide clear, focused illumination without contributing to eye fatigue during long shifts. 

  • Secure housing for the critical hardware components like CPUs, ensuring they are protected yet easily accessible for maintenance and upgrades. 

  • Mobile and versatile organizational elements that could be reconfigured as needed, allowing the workspace to evolve with the changing demands of the tech environment.

About the solution, a heavy-duty Tech Bench  

To address our client's needs in their IT lab, we proposed a robust and sophisticated technology bench built to endure the demands of a high-tech environment. The core of our solution are the vertical support posts, towering at 82'', providing a solid foundation for the comprehensive workbench. They feature holes every 1’’ for height adjustment of the surface and the shelves. Also, they facilitate vertical cable management as the cables can easily travel through them.

This is complemented by a data raceway channel and a separate raceway for power, both 42 inches in length, ensuring that all wiring and electrical components are neatly organized and easily accessible.

The work surface itself is a high-pressure laminate (HPL) construction measuring 84" x 34", which sits atop the mainframe made from steel, which is engineered for durability and resistance to wear. The mainframe of the bench includes a top for a 42'' frame, offering a substantial surface area for various technological tasks.

An accessory support of the same width adds to the functionality, allowing for a multitude of custom configurations. For the mounting of monitors, we included the HS 2.1 hardwall mount with both angled and straight link options, alongside a bracket for the post mounting of LCD arms, allowing for a variety of viewing angles and positions.

Power needs are met with a 24'' power bar, equipped with eight outlets and a 15-amp, 15-foot cord, suitable for all necessary electronics and equipment.

Task lighting is crucial in detailed work, and our solution includes an undermount task light at 36 inches, emitting 21 watts of focused illumination, designed to last for 20,000 hours.  

The vertical CPU holder secures the central processing unit, and for documents and supplies, a mobile pedestal with glides and two file drawers offers ample storage, marrying practicality with sleek design.

Additional storage and organization are provided by a laminated shelf, 35" x 20", and a pencil stopper plate at 35", preventing small items from rolling away.

The entire structure stands thanks to the adjustable support foot assembly, with dimensions of 24'' (D) x 26/36'' (H), ensures the bench remains stable on any surface while providing flexibility in height. 


About the result, a clutter-free workstation for a tech lab

The deployment of our robust and multifaceted technology benches within our client's IT lab has significantly elevated the workspace ergonomics, merging durability with high-tech precision. The towering vertical support posts with their 1'' incremental height adjustment not only provide an unwavering foundation but also allow for optimal positioning of work surfaces and shelves, tailored to the individual user's comfort. This customization, paired with the seamless vertical cable management, reduces clutter and the physical strain associated with disorganized workspaces. 


The benches' substantial work surfaces, crafted from high-pressure laminate atop a resilient steel frame, ensure longevity and maintain a sleek aesthetic that enhances the work environment. This sleekness is further embodied in the benches' ability to neatly house all wiring within the data and power raceways, contributing to a clean and organized setting that boosts morale and productivity. 


Versatility is a cornerstone of this design, with accessory supports and adjustable monitor mounts that cater to a range of tasks and user preferences. These features, alongside the strategically placed task lighting, reduce eye strain and physical discomfort during detailed tasks, promoting sustained focus and well-being. 


Furthermore, the inclusion of ample and intelligently designed storage options—from the vertical CPU holder to the mobile pedestal with file drawers—ensures that every tool and document has its place, fostering an orderly environment that streamlines workflow. 


Overall, the implementation of our furniture solutions has not just met the technical and aesthetic needs of our client's IT lab, but it has also had a profound impact on user well-being. The benches' adaptability, coupled with their orderly and sleek design, has facilitated a harmonious blend of form and function that uplifts the spirit of the workspace, leading to an undeniable uplift in both efficiency and morale.

Are you upgrading your tech lab? We can help you. 

With our more than 25 years of experience in the specialized furniture industry, we can help you build a tech lab that meets your specific needs and requirements. Whether you are building a modern learning environment for a college, or a state-of-the-art crime lab, we have got you covered. We pride ourselves in providing turnkey solutions to our clients, so that our solutions adapt to them and not the other way around. To start the process, contact our team of specialists, they will guide you through the entire process. 



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