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Designing a State-of-the-Art Tech Bench for Computer Assembly: A Case Study

About the client

A large insurance and wealth management group in Canada with operations in the United States needed a new center for their computer assembly posts. They were looking for a partner who could deliver a solution that would meet their unique needs and specifications. After careful consideration and evaluation, they chose our company to provide the design and build of the center. Our team worked closely with them to ensure that the center was completed on time, within budget, and to their exact specifications. We were proud to be a trusted partner in this important project for their business.

The Project

When we were approached by our client to design and build their state-of-the-art computer assembly posts, we were excited by the opportunity to showcase our expertise in tech-bench design and manufacturing processes. The project had specific requirements, including the need to accommodate 18 workstations, optimize the available space on their worksurfaces, a functional and ergonomic design for an IT-intensive environment, easy and quick access to CPU cables and LCD monitors in order to reduce interruptions, sturdiness to be able to withstand long working hours, a technological aesthetic to create an inspiring and comfortable working space, a modular design that allowed the capacity to add future accessories and components, and an installation with a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer.

The Solution

For this project, our client chose our Integration F500 Tech-bench. This system is the ideal solution for computerized environments such as computer labs, scientific workshops, and service and repair centers. The system was specifically designed and manufactured for work environments in which equipment is used intensively and thus requires the highest standards of durability. To respond to the ergonomic criteria of the project, the work surfaces are electronically height adjustable, while also providing an elegant cable management solution by using cable chains and electrical raceways to give users easy access to power and data. Its worksurfaces and CPU shelving can be installed at various heights on the vertical structure to accommodate the user’s work tasks and are available in many sizes and finishes. We also provided our client with a fixed-height version of the tech bench that features three shelving units to maximize storage capabilities.

The Result

To fit the needs of the available space and their requirements, our client chose an Integration Tech-Bench with 48 inches of width and vertical posts of 82 inches to serve as the basic unit for their new computer assembly department. To maximize the available space, the Tech Benches are placed side by side to create a large work surface area, with sections that can be individually height adjusted to suit the task at hand. Following these guidelines, the two shelving units create a large storage space that covers the entirety of the work surface. Since the Tech-Benches are electronically height adjustable, the LCD monitors and the CPUs are mounted directly on the work surface to move freely and be adjusted accordingly to the user’s requirements. Additionally, for users to access power and data, the Tech Benches include a power distribution unit that runs horizontally and is attached to the electrical raceway. Data ports are easily found on vertical posts. As for the fixed height versions of the tech bench, they have a work surface of 60 inches of width and rack mount capabilities to store essential tools and components needed throughout the day. This fixed version of the tech bench can be mechanically height adjusted to the vertical posts system.


We were thrilled to be the chosen partner for our client's computer assembly center project. Our team worked diligently to ensure that the project met all our client's specific requirements, and the result was a state-of-the-art center that exceeded their expectations. The integration F500 Tech-bench was the perfect solution for this project, providing durability, functionality, and an ergonomic design. We are proud to have been a trusted partner in this important project for our client's business and are excited to continue to offer innovative solutions for all our client's needs.

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