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How Can ConsoleALERT® Promote Social Distancing in the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center (PSAP)?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

What is ConsoleALERT®?

ConsoleALERT® provides PSAP supervisors with instant insights on the work status and performance of their team through its personalized floor plan overview and advanced notification system.

Learn more about ConsoleALERT® here.

How Does ConsoleALERT® Promote Social Distancing in the PSAP?

The unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our society are felt in many areas of our lives, including the way in which work is performed in the PSAP. 911 dispatch centers being an essential service for the safety of people in our cities, a negative impact on its performance could have detrimental effects on people's lives.

1. ConsoleALERT® enables PSAP supervisors to monitor the activities of operators without having to leave his/her position. This helps reduce the necessity of walking around the dispatch and reduces the risk of spreading airborne particles.

2. Furthermore, ConsoleALERT® enables operators to request assistance from PSAP supervisors directly from their console at the single touch of a button. Whenever help is requested, supervisors are instantly notified through the desktop application with a visual and sound alert. Supervisors can then quickly identify the source of the issue and take over the call.


How does ConsoleALERT® work?

1. ConsoleALERT® is a software application powered by Sustema's dispatch consoles. Consoles are designed with a fixed or self-standing button which operators can press to request assistance from dispatch supervisors.

2. When operators request assistance, ConsoleALERT® can send both a digital notification to the supervisor's desktop and activate the status light to serve as a visual cue in the dispatch center.

3. ConsoleALERT® also provides information about operator work statuses such as being in a call, on the radio, and information about the console usage identifying when a position is available or not. Dispatch supervisors can later analyze the console usage data for training purposes and overall PSAP performance.

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