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Brockhouse Cooper Trading Room, Montreal - A retrospective

About the client: An international advisory firm

Brockhouse & Cooper International Inc. is a large advisory firm based in Montreal, Quebec. The company provides portfolio management for investment companies, pension consulting services, and a selection of other advisers. A few years ago we first designed and manufactured their trading floor for their new headquarters in Montreal's IBM building. This article is a retrospective of that project featuring our now classic consoles.

Brockhouse cooper trading floor with elegant trading desk

About the project: a professional trading room in downtown Montreal

Brockhouse Cooper wanted to equip the trading room of its new headquarters in Montreal IBM building with a new system of consoles. To fit the largest possible number of consoles into a relatively compact space, the project consisted of installing more than 26 workstations in a back-to-back linear configuration.

Brockhouse cooper trading floor with elegant trading desks
Proposed room layout for trading room

The product had to meet the specific requirements of the managers responsible for the brokerage rooms as well as fit into a highly computerized environment. It also had to possess the flexibility and resilience needed in view of the intensive use it would be subjected to in a brokerage firm. Last but not least, it had to provide employees with a functional and ergonomic product that would meet the criteria of modernity, comfort, and esthetics in their work environment.

The solution: Elegant trading desks

Brockhouse Cooper selected the highly efficient FOCUS modular console system from the Sustêma 200 series, to achieve its objective. With its highly contemporary look, the FOCUS system offered all the features Brockhouse Cooper managers were seeking: Elegance, sturdiness, and versatility.

  • Slender strips of tempered glass were installed vertically on the basic structure to create an upscale look. The work surfaces were made to measure and laid out according to client requirements. The product also allowed the installation of storage accessories for office supplies and equipment.

  • The Focus system offers all the functionality necessary for equipment support and the management of electrical supply in highly computerized environments. Ingeniously organized, the two cabling systems are physically separated and easily accessed for repairs and network modifications.

  • To allow full-time access to the computer system via portable computer, an outlet combining electrical supply and network (USB) plugs is installed in the center of each station.

  • The product structure stands on 12 centimetre-high supports, giving the consoles a fresh look. This distinctive approach also ensures excellent protection of the electronic components and facilitates floor maintenance.

  • The computer bases pivot below the work surface and allow quick access to the equipment’s network of cables.

  • The work surfaces have a load capacity of more than 150 kilograms. To ensure good shock resistance, they are equipped with PVC edge bands 2.5 millimeters thick.

  • The screens and complementary system accessories are easily attached to highly resistant extruded aluminum panels.

Does your trading floor need an upgrade? We can help.

Our more than 25 years of experience in this field allowed us to deliver precisely what Brockhouse Cooper needed to move forward with its modernization plans. We're proud of the work we've done at Montreal's IBM building and look forward to future opportunities to help organizations in the convention center industry achieve their goals.

Every week, we provide invaluable insights into our case studies and the innovative solutions we have developed for organizations to achieve their goals and objectives in mission-critical environments. Don't miss out on the opportunity to optimize your workspace and elevate your operations, by setting a new standard. Follow us on LinkedIn today.


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