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Transforming Emergency Response: Innovations in 911 Control Center Design for Supervisors

Updated: Feb 26

"Derek and the rest of his crew have been a pleasure to work with through the entire process."

- Bradley Wilson, Assistant 911 - Director, Monongalia County Emergency Management - MECCA 911

911 control center CASE STUDY

About the client, MECCA 911: Leading 911 Control Room Operations in Monongalia County 

Our client, MECCA 911, stands at the forefront of public safety within Monongalia County, offering unrivaled services to its residents. As dedicated first responders, they play a pivotal role in managing emergencies and supervising the comprehensive range of public safety services delivered to the community, encompassing Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Beyond merely fielding emergency and non-emergency calls, MECCA 911 is charged with the critical task of dispatching resources across 6 Police Departments, 14 Fire Departments, and 3 EMS services throughout the county, ensuring prompt and efficient response to every call for help.

About the project: Client Requirements for the New 911 Control Room Project 

Four years ago, our client, MECCA 911, embarked on a significant endeavor to construct a new 911 center, driven by the need to accommodate their expanding operations. This project was not just about building a facility; it was about reimagining the workspace to enhance the efficiency, comfort, and capability of their critical response teams. Their requirements were comprehensive and detailed, reflecting a deep understanding of their operational needs and the challenges they faced in their previous setup.

1. Advanced Radio Consoles and Ergonomics: A paramount requirement was the upgrade of radio consoles to improve both functionality and ergonomics. The new design needed to facilitate ease of use, accommodating the diverse preferences of their personnel, some of whom prefer to sit while others stand throughout their shifts. The ability to adjust the console's height easily was identified as a critical feature. 

2. Design Assistance and Guidance: Given the team at MECCA 911 had no prior experience in designing a 911 center, they sought expert guidance throughout the entire process. They needed a partner who could not only understand their vision but also bring it to life with professional design and strategic planning. 

3. Enhanced Working Environment: The ease of use and comfort for the operators were highlighted as essential. The project aimed to create a user-friendly environment that would allow staff to perform their duties with maximum efficiency and minimum physical strain. 

4. Improved Lighting and Accessibility: A significant challenge with the old setup was the lack of adequate lighting and accessibility around the consoles, especially for maintenance tasks involving wiring. The new design required integrated work lights and easy access to both the front and back of the consoles to facilitate maintenance and upgrades. 

5. High-Quality CPU Enclosures: Recognizing the critical nature of their technology infrastructure, MECCA 911 demanded the highest quality CPU enclosures. Durability, security, and ease of access for maintenance were key considerations to ensure uninterrupted and optimal performance.

Our objective was to meet these needs head-on, crafting a 911 control room that would not only meet the current demands of MECCA 911 but also provide the flexibility to adapt to future challenges and advancements in public safety technology.


About the solution: Advanced 911 Control Console Features and Accessories 

In response to MECCA 911's comprehensive requirements for their new 911 center, we developed a state-of-the-art control console equipped with a range of features and accessories designed to enhance operational efficiency, ergonomics, and maintenance capabilities. Our solution encompassed the following elements: 

Console Standard Features: 

- Monitors and Worksurfaces: Crafted from a durable particleboard, these surfaces are finished with high-pressure laminate (HPL) and edged with PVC for durability and aesthetic appeal. The worksurface further features a PVC Bullnose edging, combining functionality with safety.

Monitor surface for 911 control console Case Study

- Adjustability: Integrated levelers provide up to 1 inch of height adjustment, ensuring the console can be perfectly aligned even on uneven floors. 

- Integrated Storage: A box-file storage unit with two drawers is seamlessly integrated into the console design, offering organized and accessible storage options. 

- Cable Management: Four cable chains (two per surface) securely manage cables during movement, effectively separating power and data cables to prevent interference and ensure a tidy workspace. 

- Ergonomic Lifting Columns: Four lifting columns (two per surface) enable height adjustment controlled via a keypad, allowing operators to switch between sitting and standing positions effortlessly. 

- Surface Frames and Cable Routing: The design includes two surface frames specifically for routing cables efficiently to the cable chains, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

- CPU Storage Enclosures: These enclosures are hinged, ventilated, and lockable, featuring front and back doors for easy access. They come equipped with sliding shelves on ball bearings for smooth operation, and each enclosure includes an integrated task light for enhanced visibility. 

- Accommodation for Multiple CPUs: Our consoles are designed to house various CPU sizes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hardware requirements and providing additional space for future expansions.

Standard features for 911 dispatch consoles

Accessories for Enhanced Functionality: 

- Monitor Mounts: Six 24" monitors are supported by articulated arms, allowing for flexible positioning and easy adjustment to suit individual operator preferences. 

- Connectivity Solutions: A Leviton QUICKPORT 12-PORT PATCH BLOCK is fixed within the console structure for streamlined connectivity, complemented by two grommets for seamless cable passage. 

- Power Supply: Four power bars with six outlets each (15 Amp) are strategically placed—two fixed to the monitor's surface frame and two inside the CPU enclosures—to ensure easy access to power sources. 

- Retractable Monument: This feature includes two power outlets, one USB A+C, and one open data port, offering convenient access to power and data connections without compromising the console's sleek design.

Accessories for 911 dispatch consoles

Our solution for MECCA 911's new 911 control room was meticulously crafted to meet their specific operational needs, focusing on flexibility, accessibility, and the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

About the result: Enhanced Efficiency and Comfort in MECCA 911's Control Room 

The implementation of our advanced control consoles in MECCA 911's new 911 center has brought about a significant transformation, offering numerous benefits to both the operators and the organization as a whole. The custom-designed features have not only optimized the control room's functionality but also significantly improved the working conditions for the dispatchers. Key benefits include:

ergonomic 911 control console Case Study

1. Improved Ergonomics and Flexibility: 

- Height Adjustability: Operators can easily adjust their working posture throughout the day, thanks to the height-adjustable features of the consoles. This adaptability reduces physical strain and increases comfort during long shifts. 

- Dual Worksurfaces: The ability to independently adjust monitors and primary worksurfaces caters to different height percentiles, ensuring ergonomic alignment for every operator.

2. Enhanced Work Environment: 

- Spacious Work Area: The wide worksurface accommodates keyboards and mice comfortably, featuring grommets and a monument system for efficient peripheral management. Urethane edging minimizes wrist strain, while the surface's scratch and stain resistance maintains a clean, professional appearance. 

- Robust Construction: A heavy-duty steel substructure supports the console's components, preventing bending and ensuring longevity. 

Keypad for 911 control consoles

3. Streamlined Cable Management: 

- The steel substructure aids in neatly routing cables from the surface down to the CPU enclosures, with four power bars distributed strategically to provide power where it's needed most.

4. Maintenance Efficiency: 

- Accessible Design: Front and rear doors offer easy access for IT maintenance, allowing for quick and efficient servicing. Integrated work lights in each enclosure simplify the task of distinguishing between cables. 

- Secure and Convenient CPU Maintenance: Slide-out trays in the CPU enclosures facilitate effortless IT maintenance, while locked steel doors protect critical equipment from unauthorized access. 

Monument system for power and data access in 911 control consoles

5. Future-Proof and Scalable: 

- The console design not only meets current needs but also allows room for additional equipment, ensuring MECCA 911 can adapt to future technological advancements. 

6. Optimized Control Room Layout: 

- Visibility and Accessibility: An open floor plan enables supervisors to easily oversee operations and approach operators for assistance, enhancing the management's effectiveness.

- Encourages Collaboration: The pod configuration provides each dispatcher with their own workspace while promoting teamwork and communication among operators.

Through these comprehensive features and thoughtful design, MECCA 911's control room now exemplifies a state-of-the-art facility that prioritizes operator comfort, efficiency, and security. The benefits realized from this project underscore our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, driving forward the capabilities of emergency response centers.

Are you building a new 911 control center from scratch? 

It wasn’t mentioned above but we have more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing specialized furniture for mission critical environments. If you are in the process of building a 911 control room for the first time, we can help you.  

Contact our team of specialists and designers who will help you build a control center that meets your specific needs and requirements.

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