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What's The Difference Between Office Furniture & Technical Furniture?

One of the most challenging aspects of the technical furniture industry is explaining and understanding the difference between traditional office furniture and what we call “technical furniture”. Before I got into the world of technical control room furniture I wasn’t aware of the clear differences either. So what do we do when we don’t know much about a topic? We ask questions and do some research!

What type of applications do I use technical furniture for?

Technical furniture is to built to last a very long time and it is extremely durable. The purpose of technical furniture is for applications such as 911 Dispatch Centers, Control Rooms, Security Rooms, and many other 24/7 - 365 Critical applications.

What is the difference in quality between traditional office furniture and technical furniture?

There is a vast difference in quality. We have established that technical furniture is commonly used in 24/7 environments and are built to last. The frames for many consoles are made from high-grade steel and the work surfaces are made of high-pressure laminate. Typical office furniture frames are made from wood composites and the work surfaces are not high-pressure laminate which means they are not built for a highly IT-intensive environment. It is also interesting to know that most office furniture has short terms warranty while control room furniture specialists often offer a lifetime warranty on its workstations.

How will my employees benefit from using Technical Furniture as Opposed to Office Furniture?

A big difference between office furniture and technical furniture is ergonomics. Technical furniture is designed to meet or exceed the highest ergonomic standards due to the fact it is being used in critical 24/7 environments. Technical furniture offers the option of height-adjustable work surfaces, personal environmental systems, accommodates multiple users, personal storage, and other creature comforts that make the user feel at ease at their work station. 

I hope after reading this you are more informed and know more than you did about technical furniture. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact us at or through our online chat tool during business hours.



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