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What Makes Sustema so Special?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

At Sustema we strongly believe in 3 core values. Dedication, innovation, and collaboration. Over the past 25 years, we’ve remained true to those very values and it has allowed us to build a reputation as being one of the leader’s in the console furniture industries. The following will touch on each of the latter qualities and will provide insight into why Sustema is so special.

We are dedicated to putting forth state of the art consoles that are designed in an ergonomically consistent manner.Our relentless dedication to offering our clients top quality products means that our clients can rest assured that they will receive the highest return on investment. We are dedicated to going above and beyond our industry standards. Whether it’s by using reinforced steel in the bases of all our consoles, or conducting rigorous quality control checks, all of our clients benefit from a premium product that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Our commitment to innovation has influenced us for the past 25 years into thinking outside of the box. A key question our team of in-house designers and engineers often ask themselves is how can the work experience be more enjoyable for the end user. It is this innovative quality engraved into Sustema’s DNA that has led us to develop some of the world’s most renown workstation consoles. Take our Transit M console for example. A key feature it offers our clients is the ability to rise, thus allowing users to be able to stand while working. Standing at the workplace has been proven to offer significant benefits both physically and psychologically.

From a collaboration perspective, we’re continuously implementing strategies at our own office to create a more harmonious and synergetic work environment. We believe that a great company and great products starts from within. Therefore, we at Sustema are committed to always treating one another with respect and being supportive of one another’s personal and professional growth. Whether it be our weekly book club meetings, or our monthly ping pong tournaments, creating a fun and enticing work environment leads to a heightened sense of collaboration. This in turn allows our staff to radiate positivity and enthusiasm when assisting our clients, building our consoles, or even demonstrating our products at various trade shows.

Not only do we collaborate with one another, but we mostly collaborate with our customers to create the perfect work environment. One of the biggest perks why our customers love working with us, is the opportunity we give each one of them to create their own customized work environment. Imagine spending 40 hours a week in an environment constructed by you in every single detail, that's the power of Sustema's Offer.

To conclude this article on “What Makes Sustema so Special”, one needs to simply look at the testimonial section of our website in order to witness the 100% customer satisfaction rate we are proud to maintain!


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