PSAP Consolidation Process Explained

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The demand for better and faster emergency services and the increased development in communication technologies has urged governments agencies such as 911 public safety agencies to consider the benefits of consolidation for the communities. 

By definition, PSAP consolidation refers to merging the resources of two or more public safety agencies to form one single and stronger organization. 

While cost savings for each jurisdiction is one of the major benefits of consolidating multiple PSAPs, the return on investment of such a project will only materialize until several years later due to the high start-up costs. Therefore, the focus should be geared towards improving the service level by streamlining the technology and training process. Consolidation will result in faster communication and make it easier to pool funds to keep the 911 call center updated. The principal consolidation models include a full, partial, co-location and hybrid PSAP merger. 

PSAP Consolidation Process