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Latest trends in 911 Dispatch Consoles in 2024

More equipment = more work surfaces 

Dual surface consoles offer the greatest flexibility for users in terms of ergonomics, functionality, and technology. The key differentiator is that on a dual surface console, the primary surface serves as the workspace for users, and the second surface serves as the support for the monitors. The issue of having only one adjustable surface with less space to work is then resolved as the monitors do not take up any space. The dual-surface console offers more flexibility in the number of monitors and the ways they can be mounted. 

Better CPU enclosures to ensure resiliency and enhance security 

The CPU enclosures are secured, ventilated, and can host all the IT equipment required for highly technical jobs. For instance, KVMs, 19" rackmounts, multiple power bars, and even host the actuators required to raise/lower the surfaces. PSAPs ensure their network, data and equipment are secure. This includes implementing firewalls, encryption, and other security measures. As well as keeping their IT equipment physically secured and locked inside the CPU enclosures of control consoles.  All this while leaving enough room for future expansion. 

Smarter cable management (electrical raceways, wall systems) 

With the advent of NG911 in public safety and ECC throughout North America, the most important update in these mission critical environments is the need for systems that can seamlessly integrate a diverse range of data inputs, from video feeds and text messages to traditional voice calls. This means being able to accommodate a lot more cables for data and power running throughout the console. To ensure it is not overwhelming, ergonomic consoles include wall systems and electrical raceways that keep power and data cables separate to avoid electromagnetic interference, as well as to keep maintenance easy. 

Smarter technology integration 

More cables running through control consoles mean that the operators and telecommunicators need to access all that data and power easily. To ensure quick access, control consoles feature a retractable monument system installed directly on the primary work surface itself, with all sorts of power and data ports. This can be customized to the agency’s specific needs and requirements. And since they are retractable, when they are not in use, they take up no space on the work surface.  

Alert and crisis management system 

Beyond implementing a status light, we designed an alerting system to help supervisors efficiently manage crises and provide support to operators in real time. With the push of a button, the Console Alert system is activated, triggering a series of actions. The status light on the console starts blinking and emitting an audible alert, immediately catching the attention of the supervisor. Simultaneously, the system notifies the supervisor on their end, alerting them to the incoming call and providing them with the necessary information. The supervisor can take quick action, ensuring a swift response to any crisis. Once the crisis is resolved, the supervisor can easily switch off the alert system at the control console. 

Open floor layout design for collaboration (crises and major events) 

An open floor plan enables supervisors to easily oversee operations and approach operators for assistance, enhancing the management's effectiveness since they don't have to walk through a maze of consoles all the time. When this type of layout is combined with a pod configuration, it provides each dispatcher with their own workspace while promoting teamwork and communication among operators. 

Better implementation of ergonomic principles (lighting, temperature adjustments, comfort increased) 

Not only does each dispatcher and telecommunicator has their own workspace, but nowadays control consoles include all sorts of technology integrations to increase comfort, such as cooling fans installed directly on the work surface itself, as well as integrated heaters placed at the bottom of the console so that the heat rises and keeps them warm. Of course, these temperature adjustments can be controlled easily with a keypad which is installed on the edge of the work surface, or in some rare cases with a touchscreen

Adding low-light loving plants to create a more welcoming atmosphere  

As part of integrating ergonomics in the control room, using plants to affect the atmosphere has been proven to be useful. In the intense and fast-paced environment of a 911 dispatch center, incorporating plants can help reduce stress for dispatchers and call takers. Bringing a touch of nature indoors enhances the workspace's appeal by creating a calming atmosphere and signaling to visitors, like new hires, that the center is a caring workplace. Not only are there emotional benefits that affect the morale of the staff, but also these plants can help clean the air of toxins. 

Are you looking for ergonomic 911 dispatch consoles to renovate your center? 

We have more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing control room furniture. We take pride in building control consoles that meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, by phone on our toll-free number 1-800-455-8450, or by chatting with us directly on our website.


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