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PES 360: The Personal Climate Control System

PES-360: Personal Environmental System

Improve Workforce Productivity & Operator Comfort

At Sustema we believe comfort is one of the strongest factors in productivity. People working long hours, making critical decisions at their consoles deserve to customize it to their liking. PES 360 gives you that and much more. The Personal Environment System 360 is a user-friendly experience at your fingertips. The control is a touch screen built into the surface that is easily accessible from your sitting or standing position in one of our height adjustable consoles.

Personalize your work experience

It is known that 60% of office complaints are about temperature. In any control room, you will have a wide variety of people in size, morphology, and gender, and not everyone agrees on what is the perfect temperature to work. PES 360 is a personal environmental system designed to optimize the work environment of operators/dispatchers. The user-friendly touch screen interface enables 911 dispatch operators to set their preferred settings for heaters, fans, and lights at the single touch of a button. The PES 360 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Sustema's 911 dispatch consoles.

How PES-360 Adds Value:

  • Heaters: Mounted at the lower base of the console, users can adjust the blowers, intensity, and temperature directly from the touch interface.

  • Fans: The fan speed is controlled by the touchscreen interface and is integrated directly into the console surface.

  • Lighting: PES 360 offers dimming functionality to your task light to better adapt to the user's environment. Task lights can be attached to monitor arms, the console surface, or on a rail mounting system.

  • Memory Settings: Provides for the settings of up to 3 people to be saved per console

  • Touch Screen Interface: Heating, cooling, and lighting with one simple hand control.

In a 24/7 critical environment, there are commonly multiple people using the same console at different shifts. Ergonomics and comfort is a common theme in all of our consoles and PES 360 is a good representation of both.

Our PES 360 is on display at the Sustema showrooms in Montreal and Toronto. We would like to invite you for a virtual tour to find out more about PES 360 along with our exciting lines of consoles. For more information please contact one of our Console Specialists by clicking here. We look forward to connecting soon.




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