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How Are PSAPs and 911 Dispatch Centers Adapting To The COVID-19?

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we live our lives, from going to the grocery store, playing sports, seeing friends, and even the way we work! As the first wave of COVID-19 cases is passing, countries are slowly opening up their economies and businesses have had to adapt in many ways to safely receive employees and customers again.

So, how are 24/7 work environments such as PSAPs and 911 dispatch centers adapting their workspace to fight against the spread of the virus?

As you've probably seen when you go out these days, plexiglass is being installed almost everywhere as a means to protect against the spread of air particles. However, generic plexiglass panels may not be enough for the needs of PSAPs work environments where operators often work 10+ hours shifts and use highly specialized furniture making it hard to mount most of the plexiglass solutions found on the market.

ConsoleSHIELD: Operator Protective Partitions

With the increased need to find ways to protect employees against the spread of the virus, Sustema designed the ConsoleShield plexiglass partitions as a means to promote social distancing a reduce the spread of air particles in the PSAP. Plexiglass shields are entirely manufactured based on the needs and dimensions of your control room and 911 dispatch centers for optimal results. ConsoleShield is a high-quality and easy to clean partition system designed to serve as a barrier against particles released when coughing or sneezing. Here are the different plexiglass protector models available for control rooms and dispatch centers.

Wall-Mounted Plexiglass Partitions

ConsoleShield wall-mounted partitions are designed to seamlessly and securely integrate on the wall of your Sustema console system. Made with high-quality acrylic panels. ConsoleShield partitions can be customized in height and length for added protection in the control room. For other workstation/console manufacturers, the clamp plexiglass model is available to mount directly on the edge of the worksurface.

Free-standing Plexiglass Separators

ConsoleShield free-standing plexiglass partitions are easy to install and serve as a barrier for PSAP layouts where operators work close to each other. These plexiglass panels can be moved and adjusted easily to accommodate the needs of dispatchers and are custom made in terms of length and width based on the needs of the dispatch center.

Floor Plexiglass Protectors

ConsoleShield floor plexiglass panels serve as a barrier in the outer ends of workstations to protect against air particles in high-traffic areas. Floor plexiglass are free-standing and can be installed in different areas of the PSAP based on your needs.


  • Smooth Round Edges

  • Temporary or Permanent Installation

  • Available in Fixed & Self- Standing Formats

  • Easy to Clean Acrylic Partition

  • Custom Made Partitions

  • Protection Against Airborne Particles

  • Visually Promotes Social Distancing

  • Easy to Install Solution

About Sustema:

Sustema is a leader in the design and manufacturing of control room and dispatch center work environments. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Sustema has helped thousands of clients in North America to equip their mission-critical operations centers with customized furniture and console solutions.

To learn more about ConsoleShield, download the brochure or contact us directly by phone 1-800-455-8450, email at, or via chat to talk with one of our representatives directly!


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