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Operator Partitions

Plexiglass Protective Partitions

In response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, SUSTEMA has developed the all-new ConsoleShield in an effort to promote social distancing and reduce the risk of airborne threats in control room environments. ConsoleShield is a high quality and easy to clean partition system designed to serve as a barrier against particles released when coughing to provide additional protection for operators. Partitions are tailored made to fit your consoles and
room layout for optimal results.

Wall-Mounted Partitions

Sustema's wall-mounted partitions are designed to seamlessly and securely integrate with your console system. Made with high-quality acrylic panels, ConsoleShiled serves as an added layer of protection against airborne threats spread via coughing and sneezing. ConsoleShield partitions can be customized in height and length for added protection in the control room.

Edge-Mounted Partitions

Edge-mounted partitions are designed to securely attach to the sides and back of your existing workstation surfaces. The universal clamp system allows for an easy installation and removal when cleaning or storing the partitions. 

ConsoleShield Overview

  • Smooth Round Edges

  • Temporary or Permanent Installation

  • Available in Fixed & Self- Standing Formats

  • Easy to Clean Acrylic Partition

  • Custom Made Partitions

  • Protection Against Airborne Particles

  • Visually Promotes Social Distancing

  • Easy to Install Solution


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