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Definition of a Control Room

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Government Control Room in the City of Venice

Government Control Room in the City of Venice (Image Source: CNN)

What is a Control Room?

A control room is a workspace in a critical-mission environment where professionals spend their time handling complex situations in a variety of industries such as public safety answering points (PSAP), process control, security, finance, transportation, energy & utilities, broadcasting, military, healthcare, IT, etc.

No control room is exactly the same as another one. The type of furniture, the layout of the room, and even the amount of workstations available determine the purpose of the command center. Below are some examples of previous projects we have designed and manufactured for our clients. To learn more about each of them you can read our detailed case studies.

Also, a control room tends to be highly advanced and sophisticated in terms of technology integration and development. The furniture inside this facilities integrates technology into its structure to ensure a clean, efficient and safe environment. A control room focuses on the connectivity of several components such as the hardware, the online servers, data visualization, video walls system, consoles, efficient workflows, and operator controls.

About Sustema Inc.

With over 25 years of experience designing modular and ergonomic control room consoles, we’ve manufactured thousands of aesthetically superior designs combined with functional comfort for end-users across North America. We’ve learned to integrate ergonomic standards by considering human factors in every project including the control room layout.


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