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Control Room Console Manufacturer

Control Room Console Manufacturer:

Console manufacturers design and build technical furniture solutions for 24/7 mission-critical work environments. Consoles are used in a wide variety of applications such as command centers, 9-1-1 dispatch centers, PSAPs, EMS, crisis rooms, air traffic control centers, security monitoring centers, and much more.

Difference Between Console & Office Furniture Manufacturers:

  • Build Quality: The frames for many consoles are made from high-grade steel and the work surfaces are made of high-pressure laminate. Typical office furniture frames are made from wood composites and the work surfaces are not high-pressure laminate which means they are not built for 24/7 use and IT-intensive environments.

  • Warranty: It is also interesting to know that most office furniture has short terms warranty while control room furniture specialists often offer a lifetime warranty on its workstations.

  • Ergonomics: A big difference between office furniture and technical furniture is ergonomics. Technical furniture is designed to meet or exceed the highest ergonomic standards due to the fact it is being used in critical 24/7 environments. Technical furniture offers the option of height-adjustable work surfaces, personal environmental systems, accommodates multiple users, personal storage, and other creature comforts that make the user feel at ease at their work station.

  • Customization: When it comes to control rooms, no facility is the same. Whether we are talking about the room dimensions, IT/power requirements, the number of users, LCD monitors, and applications, control room console manufacturers can provide custom furniture solutions for different applications such as air traffic control towers and energy plants. For instance, the focus console allows users to choose from multiple configurations adapted to their work environment. The consoles can be joined together at 5, 10, 30, and 45-degree angles allowing for maximum space utilization

What is Sustema's Value Proposition?

Sustema provides turnkey solutions to its customers by providing them with a full service from beginning to end of a project. At the beginning stages, our control room specialist will take the time to understand the unique needs and characteristics of your work environment. Once we understand the requirements for your center, our team of industrial designers creates preliminary designs to start mapping out the consoles based on your room dimensions and technical requirements. When designs are approved, the manufacturing process begins at our manufacturing facility where consoles are assembled, tested, and shipped directly to your location. The installation is then coordinated with you to ensure the continuity of your services. Once the installation is completed, we stay in touch with our customers and available for any inquiries they may have. With 20+ years of experience in the industry helping thousands of clients across Nort-America, we are committed to design and manufacture the best control room solutions for our clients.

Turnkey Control Room Solutions

  • Consulting

  • Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Servicing

Where Can You Buy Control Room Consoles?

Consoles can be acquired in different ways depending on the nature of your project or organization. Here are common ways to purchase control room consoles and technical furniture solutions.

Console Manufacturers: Whether you are a private or government organization, it is possible to contact console manufacturers directly to inquire about console furniture solutions. Going directly to the manufacturer can help with better and faster communication.

Government Bid/Tender: For government organizations, it is common to go through a bidding process where clients can create a specific list of requirements for different manufacturers to bid on.

Dealers/Resellers: It is also possible to go through dealers to acquire consoles or other agents such as architect firms who may also be responsible for the overall construction of the renovated or newly built control center location.

Sustema is a Canadian control room consoles manufacturer serving clients across North-America (United-States). For any questions or inquiries about our control room console manufacturing services please contact us at or by phone at 1-800-455-8450.


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