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What Is The Best Standing/Sitting Ratio?

In recent years, we have all increasingly sought to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have exercised to improve our health and lifestyle. We have carefully selected our food at the grocery store and checked their calorie intake.

You may have heard the expression: “Sitting is the new smoking”; Indeed, although the percentage of smokers in the population is declining year after year, a trend is emerging to the effect that the adverse effects of the use of tobacco products seem to have changed and are now in our too sedentary life, especially in our workplaces.

According to a study by the “American Medical Association” (AMA), we estimate the time at which we are in position sitting day to 7.7 hours. This statistic may even go up to 15 hours for some individuals.

A simple and increasing way to reduce the time in which we are sitting is by using a height-adjustable workstation.

Indeed, statistics show that standing past an hour, compared to sitting, will burn fifty additional calories.[i] Remaining sitting during long periods of time also makes us more vulnerable to develop diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.[ii]

According to the latest study by Alan Hedge, the optimal solution is shown in the matrix below, a period of 30 minutes of work should be distributed as follows; 20 minutes sitting, standing 8 minutes and 2 minutes where we’re moving and stretching.



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