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What are the benefits of sit-stand consoles, do they help you stay focused and productive?

Updated: 3 days ago

A height adjustable control console in a dispatch center

Is a sit-stand console in the control room a good idea?

If you are in the middle of renovating your command center, you’ve probably asked yourself. “Do I choose a height adjustable desk or not?” In a command center people work long hours and they can’t step away from their post because their jobs are mission critical, which means that they must remained focused, and alert at all times. A standing desk encourages movement and helps telecommunicators maintain focus during long hours.

Whenever we start working with a client who has only ever used fixed height consoles, one of the first questions we get asked is “Do you think I should go for the height adjustable consoles?” We’ve been in this this business for more than 25 years, and while the need for specialized furniture in the control room is not new, the heightened focus on ergonomics inside the workplace is a relatively new phenomenon.

Technical drawing of a height adjustable control console

As many companies shifted to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees and supervisors realized that they could get the job done while still working comfortably from home. This has been a challenge for employers and organizations who are trying to attract and retain new talent. But one key aspect that can help to bring employees back to in-person work is to have a human centered and ergonomically designed workspace. In other words, to make these spaces as comfortable as our own homes.

A sit-to-stand console can empower the operator in the command center

An ergonomic workspace not only improves productivity, but it also promotes operator comfort and well-being. In a command center where employees are subjected to enormous pressure every day, planners and supervisors cannot overlook the ergonomics of their center. One factor that has a positive impact in the design of a modern command center is the presence of height adjustable consoles, that allow console operators to adapt their workstation to their needs instead of having to adapt to the rigid and outdated design of old furniture. For example, for console operators who tend to work long hours in high-stress environments, being able to change from a sitting position to a standing position with the push of a button helps to create a more comfortable environment. Which in turn helps operators to remain focused on their task by promoting changes in posture.

In a modern command center where operators have access to height adjustable consoles, or standing desks as they are also called, we always hear the same thing. “It’s one of those things that once you start using them, you never want to go back.” For companies and organizations struggling with high turnover and complaints of stress related injuries, implementing height adjustable consoles into their command center is an effective way to attract and retain talent, but also to show current employees that their wellbeing and comfort is not only something that’s nice to have, instead this lets them know that at a macro level, their workplace is designed around them and their needs.

Despite their positive impacts in the workplace, standing desks are not a magic solution that will streamline your operations, and it is also not a magic pill that replaces the need for regular exercise by the operators. Instead, it is meant to help promote movement and well-being to the forefront of planners and supervisors who want to boost the morale of their staff. If you are in the process of renovating your command center contact us to get a free quote. Our team of specialists and designers will work with you to create a workspace that adapts to your needs and requirements.

Remember that height adjustable consoles are meant to empower operators, who work long shifts. They are designed to promote wellness and encourage console operators to remain focused in high stress environments by allowing them to adapt this furniture to their needs with the push of a button.


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