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Modern Technology Conference Tables: Data Ports, Power, Height-Adjustable, Multimedia

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

What is a technology conference table? (Definition)

While they may seem like regular meeting tables found in corporate conference rooms, technology tables are much more than that. Technology tables are specially designed for the needs of mission-critical work environments by transforming meeting rooms into effective operations center in just a matter of seconds. Technology conference tables integrate advanced functionalities to optimize the workflow during the incident and crisis management. At the touch of a button, users have instant access to computer monitors, keyboards, and phones among other electrical equipment such as voice/data connections and grommets to allow for the installation of power modules. Additionally, the elegant design and refined craftsmanship give it an aesthetic appeal while supporting even the most modern workplace. Browse Catalog >

What is the purpose of technology tables?

Technology conferenced tables are meant to accommodate anywhere from 4 to 12+ people. These stations are to have fully functional workstations available to the users at a moment’s notice. Everyone is familiar with the typical meeting room. But what tends to be unfamiliar is having these areas act as extra workstations during times of surge in the number of users needed on a given day for an emergency situation, natural disasters, etc.

This is why Sustema developed the smart technology conference table. The table is meant to look and feel like a normal conference table that blends into your office’s current environment and theme. But it’s what’s under the surface of the table is where everything is completely different. Hidden away is multiple retractable monitors, CPU storage, Laptop hookups, Keyboards and Mice, Ventilation fans for the CPU or user, UPS backups, Cable management for CAT6, USB, HDMI, Power, any other required cables your company needs.

Different Layouts from retractable surfaces, height-adjustable monitors, surface shape, surface texture, and surface colors can all be customized on the Technology Table to suit your company’s needs and application. More and more, Sustema is being asked to produce theses tailored tables for Law Enforcement, Utility companies, and Emergency Operation centers so that companies can enable employees to be fully prepared to execute their plans with a matter of a few minutes.

The workplace is evolving rapidly. More and more, workplaces are operating with emergency preparedness, adaptability, and speed of response in mind. Companies that adapt and change fast enough to their needs will weather the storm the best and be more future proof for years to come. Not surprisingly, even standard conference rooms are getting equipped with modern technology tables to facilitate their day to day operations in today's connected world.

Different types of technology conference tables

Mission Critical Technology Table: Height-Adjustable "Cubby"

Sustema's boat-shaped technology tables redefine the modern conference room by providing an interactive and collaborative work environment. Modern conference table with data ports and power are designed to combine technology with the furniture functionalities to create a multidisciplinary work area. Every table is uniquely built to meet the business needs of our customers, in this example. Sustema's high-end technology conference tables are built from a heavy-duty steel structure to accommodate all the IT equipment. Actuators lift the work surfaces up/down and includes collision protection sensors to eliminate the risk of accidents. The large interior area serves as a cable management system running power and data cables through the vertical posts. Learn more about Sustema's 12+ person conference table.

2) Computer Lab Technology Conference Tables: Electric Retractable Monitors

Sustema's stadium-shaped technology tables bring both functionality and aesthetics into the modern board room. Independent retractable monitors on each position give users instant access to all the communication tools they need. The heavy-duty steel frame is designed for 24/7 applications and supports a high-pressure laminated work surface. Available in different sizes and shapes, conference tables are uniquely built to accommodate as many seats as required. Customers can choose from a wide variety of laminates, veneers, edge details, and custom inlays. The retractable monitors have a maximum moving speed of 23mm/s. The height adjustment control (keypad) is integrated within the surface and displays the height of monitors. The keypad can store up 3 to 4 height presets according to the preferences of users. When not in use, the monitors and accessories sit below the surface leaving the table uncluttered. Additionally, the retractable monitors can be adjusted remotely through a master controller.

3) AV Meeting Tables: The Huddle Table

Available in fixed or height-adjustable models, the multimedia AV conference tables are designed to make meetings and presentations flow seamlessly. The slat wall system is attached to the work surface for more stability and can easily be mounted with large television screens, speakers, webcams, telephones, and lamps. Monuments can be configured to your business needs integrating anything from USB, VGA, HDMI on the conference table with a monitor. As an optional feature, modular conference room tables can integrate the electric height-adjustable function to bring your presentations to the next level. Users can adjust the height of the television display individually or raise the whole work surface. Cable chains are used beside each lifting column to organize the power/data cables and provide a clutter-free work area.

4) Smart Meeting Tables - Power & Data Ports

Perfect for working in teams, stationary meeting tables integrate all the tools required by modern workplaces. Whether it is to charge your phone or computer while finalizing a project or creating a presentation for your next meeting, stationary meeting tables provide easy access to power outlets and data/network ports (Ethernet, USB, HDMI, VGA). For more casual meetings, Sustema also designs custom meeting tables integrating the same tools found in large scale technology tables. For instance, power and data connections, urethane waterfall edges, electric height adjustable surfaces and more. When working with Sustema you will have access to the expertise of our designers to make the most of your facility and create an interactive work environment. Learn more about our modern conference table with power.

About Sustema

With over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing technical furniture for critical environments, Sustema offers tailored solutions for the specific needs of PSAP work environments. For any questions or inquiries about our product, please contact us at, or by phone at 1-800-455-8450. We are also available through our online chat tool.



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