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Elevate Your Control Room Experience: The Best Keypads for Height Adjustable Consoles

When it comes to height-adjustable control consoles, choosing the right keypad is crucial to ensure optimal user experience and productivity. At Sustema, we offer a variety of keypad options to suit different needs and preferences. From basic up/down controls to programmable keypads with advanced features, our selection of keypads can help you customize your control console to match your specific requirements. In this blog post, we'll explore the different keypad options we offer and their respective features and benefits, so you can make an informed decision for your height-adjustable control console.


Linak control button for integration in the tabletop, memory, and display.

Price: $$$

The DPT is an innovative DESKLINE® touch panel from LINAK. The panel is the perfect choice for office desks where modern design is the keyword. The sophisticated solution is based on touch techniques, which are known from induction stoves, and combines high-class design with high-class techniques, i.e. movement via a simple touch.


  • LED display for height indication (in either cm or inch)

  • 6 buttons (3 memory buttons, 1 store button and 2 standards up/down buttons)

  • With a lip on top of the tabletop (ø72 with frame and ø71.8 without frame)

  • Housing with expander fixing

  • Colour: Black frame and acrylic (RAL 9007) or white frame and acrylic (RAL 9016), both with chrome print

  • Black cable: 1580 mm straight cable with modular jack plug

  • Featuring ZERO™: Very low power consumption in standby mode


Linak control button for integration in the tabletop

Price: $

The desk panel is made of foil and has the basic up and down function for adjusting a desk. Thanks to its small size, the DPH is very easy to integrate into the design of multiple tabletop desk dimensions.

DPG with reminder

Linak intuitive simple control with reminder and display.

Price; $$

The integrated reminder function of the three DPG Desk Panel models is visualised by a light. Its colour reflects the current usage status of the desk. A colour change of the light reminds the user when it is time to change position. The reminder function thus naturally supports the user to achieve a healthy posture variation throughout the day.


  • Bluetooth®

  • Black cable with RJ45 modular plug,1700 mm straight

  • Featuring ZEROTM: Very low power consumption in standby mode


Linak intuitive simple control

Price: $

The DPG is activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction as the desk is intended to drive – which makes it an intuitive desk panel. The shape of the DPG makes it possible to reach and adjust the desk without even looking at the Desk Panel. This way the user needs not draw away attention from work while changing position.

DPF with Display

Linak modern control with memory and display.

Price: $$

The DPF with a display is the advanced upgrade of DPF. The DPF has a display for height read-out in either cm or inches. The display switches off when not in use, thereby saving power in standby mode. As an extra feature, the panel can be used for diagnostics as error codes can be displayed.


Linak modern control with memory.

Price: $$

The DPF is an elegant and compact desk panel for adjustable desks, tables and kitchens. Come with soft buttons intuitively placed and can control up to 3 references. The hallmark of the DPF desk panel series is the modern design, which combines classic looks with intuitive, practical use.


Linak classic control with memory and display.

Price: $$

The DP1CS is an ideal desk panel for office desks as well as workstations. It comes with a memory function and displays in either cm or inches and read-out error codes. The DP1CS has a display for height read-out in either cm or inches. The display switches off when not in use, thereby saving power in standby mode.


Linak classic control.

Price: $

The DP (Desk Panel) is a classic control developed to adjust all kinds of desks ranging from heavy-duty workstations to office desks. The DP is compact in design and easy to mount under various types of height-adjustable desks. Optionally it can be ordered in a memory version allowing you to store favourite positions.

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