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APCO 2023 Recap & beyond

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Capturing the Excitement: Highlights from the 2023 APCO Conference!

And just like that, August bids us farewell along with the exhilarating 2023 APCO conference that took place in Nashville, Tennessee from August 6th to 9th. What a ride it has been! Did you know that this year's conference broke the record for attendance with a turnout of over 5,000 attendees, surpassing a decade-old record? Well, now you do.

APCO 2023 Control console manufacturer
This year’s APCO had a record-breaking attendance of over 5000 people. Photo, courtesy of APCO International.

This gathering wasn't just about numbers; it was about creating genuine connections with decision-makers in the industry and meeting the remarkable people who always answer the call, and are the first, first responders. The halls were alive with the energy of lively discussions, as professionals and enthusiasts delved into the heart of what drives our industry forward.

Sustema sales representative at APCO 2023
From left to right, our very own Mark Meschino, Derek Dugas, and Louis Larouche.

We took 2 consoles to the conference, to showcase our expertise in design, but also so that people could see with their own eyes that our consoles don't only look aesthetically pleasing, but they are also built to last. Below, you can see our consoles. The first one is a linear console with a slat wall to help create a clutter-free workspace, and the second console is in a cockpit configuration. Both of them with superb cable management and height-adjustable capabilities.

But it wasn't just about new acquaintances; we also had a chance to meet with familiar faces. Our existing clients stopped by our booth and we had a chance to catch up in the middle of all the excitement. They were pretty happy to be receiving their upcoming orders soon. It's moments like these that fuel our passion and remind us why we do what we do. Which is to help organizations in improving functionality, design, and technology in critical environments. We also got the chance to catch up with our colleagues throughout the industry.

Derek Dugas from Sustema at APCO 2023
Our very own Derek Dugas meets Derrick Duggins from Motorola.

We also stopped by our friends' booth from Matrox, which featured one of our control consoles integrating their cutting-edge technology for mission controls.

We stopped by our friends' booth as well.

A note on Labour Day.

Now that the summer is ending, and the school year is beginning, we glide into September and in observance of Labour Day celebrations, we'll be closed on Monday, September 4th, giving our hardworking team a chance to recharge. We'll be back to full throttle on Tuesday, ready to embrace the opportunities the new month brings. And, to start planning for 2024.

In the meantime, we're working diligently to compile the visual story of our time at the APCO conference. The images captured tell tales of inspiration, camaraderie, and a shared vision for a thriving future. Stay tuned to our channels as we unveil these snapshots that encapsulate the essence of the event.

Greetings from Nashville, TN! We will see you next year in Orlando.



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