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Best 24/7 task lights for control consoles for 2024

Updated: Jan 11

Best task lights for 24/7 mission critical environments, control consoles and control rooms.

The best task lights can brighten your workspace, for easier reading and writing in the control room which in the long run is taxing on your eyes. Task lights usually don't take up much, or any, additional space on your desk since they are designed to integrate into the existing infrastructure of the control console, and they follow rigorous ergonomic guidelines to increase productivity and comfort of the user. This is especially important if you're working in a mission-critical environment and sometimes using more than one external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, as well as other professional tools, that as an operator you have to juggle through. As part of our mission to help organizations in improving functionality, design, and technology in critical environments we've researched to find the best task lights for your control consoles.

Light up your control console and stay focused on the task at hand with these task lights.

These task lights are designed for 24/7 operations and therefore are manufactured using durable materials, they also offer good lighting thanks to extremely high lumen output, and most importantly they can be adjusted both in position and in intensity, to illuminate as much as the operator requires.

Mosso Pro task light mounted on a Sustema control console for 911 dispatchers.
Mosso Pro mounted on a Sustema control console.

The Attenzia light, designed by Novus.

The "Attenzia" lamp designed by Novus stands out as one of the best task lights available for control consoles due to its impressive range of features and innovative design. It offers individual solutions to ensure every workstation is perfectly lit, thereby significantly improving overall performance and productivity. Its versatility enables users to adjust the light according to their specific needs and preferences, offering maximum flexibility in illuminating their workspace.

Attenzia Task light for control rooms, designed by Novus
What makes Attenzia so unique?

The Attenzia lamp adopts uniform lighting concepts in accordance with HCL (Human Centric Lighting) in workplace design. The even distribution of light helps reduce eye strain and fatigue, enabling users to focus on their tasks with enhanced efficiency. The lamp's integration of smart technology further enhances its appeal. The Bluetooth function allows for seamless wireless operation, while the ability to control the light via a dedicated app adds convenience and customization options for individual preferences.

One of the most distinctive features of the Attenzia lamp is its rotatable light panels, allowing for both direct and indirect lighting. Additionally, the Attenzia lamp is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Its LED lighting system boasts an impressive service life of over 50,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing energy consumption. The presence and light sensors further contribute to energy savings by ensuring the light is only active when needed.

Notably, the lamp's minimalistic and award-winning design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any office environment. With its sleek aesthetics, the Attenzia lamp seamlessly integrates into various IT-intensive environments, complementing modern interior designs while elevating the overall ambiance.

In summary, the Novus Attenzia lamp excels in providing top-notch lighting solutions for control consoles, combining the benefits of HCL, smart technology, rotatable light panels, and energy efficiency. Its design and functionality are sure to upgrade any office space, making it a worthy investment for those seeking to enhance productivity and create an optimal work environment.

The Mosso Pro desk lamp, designed by Koncept.

The Mosso Pro desk lamp, designed by Koncept, is a true game-changer in the world of lighting solutions. Delivering an astounding 99 lumens per watt, this lamp offers a wide range of light colors, from warm to cool and everything in between. The intuitive built-in touch strip allows for effortless continuous dimming, putting you in full control of your lighting preferences.

Mosso Pro task light for control consoles
Highly adjustable arms and lamp head, point your light at any angle you desire.

Designed with both energy-saving and convenience in mind, Mosso Pro features a built-in occupancy sensor that ensures no energy is wasted by lighting up a vacant workstation. When combined with its highly adjustable arms and lamp head, you have the freedom to direct the light precisely at any angle you desire, providing unparalleled flexibility and illumination customization.

Not only does Mosso Pro excel in its versatility and functionality, but it also boasts outstanding efficiency with its ultra-high efficacy of 99 lumens per watt. With 48 LEDs and a consumption of only 5.5 watts, this desk lamp provides long-lasting, top-tier performance with a rated lifespan of over 60,000 hours (L90 rating).

With the simple touch of the lens, you can effortlessly change the light color to suit your mood and task requirements. From cool white light for focused work to warm, cozy tones for relaxation, Mosso Pro adapts seamlessly to your needs.

Task light with toggle switch and integrated occupancy sensor, for control consoles.

The integration of an integrated occupancy sensor ensures that the lamp turns itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity, promoting energy efficiency and reducing unnecessary power consumption. When you return, the lamp automatically resumes your previous settings, ensuring a seamless user experience. Alternatively, its toggle switch lets you disable the occupancy sensor when needed, giving you full control over its functionality.

But that's not all – Mosso Pro goes above and beyond by incorporating a standard USB port in its base, allowing you to charge smartphones and other compatible devices conveniently while you work. For even more advanced functionality, you have the option to equip Mosso Pro with a Wireless Charging Base (sold separately) to charge your Qi-compatible devices wirelessly.

Mosso Pro with a Wireless Charging Base for control consoles

Available in sleek Metallic Black, Silver, and White finishes, Mosso Pro adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any workspace. With its 10-foot cord, you have the freedom to place the lamp conveniently wherever you desire.

In summary, the Mosso Pro Desk Lamp by Koncept sets new standards for efficiency and functionality, making it an essential addition to any workspace. Experience unmatched lighting control, outstanding energy efficiency, and the convenience of device charging, all packed into one brilliantly designed desk lamp.

The infinity LED task light, designed by Humanscale Design Studio.

The infinity LED task light, crafted by the renowned Humanscale Design Studio, exemplifies the perfect synergy of performance and aesthetics. Its unique 'Forever Hinges,' a remarkable fusion of torque inserts and springs, ensure a balanced and effortless arm movement, allowing users to easily adjust the light to their personalized ergonomic preference.

Infinity LED light task light for control consoles

Designed with a minimalist vision, the infinity light conceals cables from view, running them internally through the precision-machined arm, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance. Its light's adaptability is second to none, featuring an impressive 35" arm reach and full 180-degree arm and head rotation. With effortless one-touch positioning, users can effortlessly place the light at their desired angle. Furthermore, the light is available in customizable color finishes, seamlessly integrating into any design aesthetic or work environment.

At the core of the Infinity task light lies its powerful and energy-efficient large-array, multi-chip LED, providing an industry-leading 1500 lux illumination. This not only ensures superior lighting output but also casts just a single shadow on the desk surface, minimizing distractions and enhancing focus during work. When it comes to energy efficiency, the Infinity light stands out with the highest efficiency LED chip on the market, consuming just 8 watts while delivering best-in-class lighting performance.

To reduce visual clutter and enhance user experience, the advanced user interface of the Infinity light incorporates illuminated indicator lights. These indicators appear when the user reaches for the light and fade away after selecting their preferred brightness level out of nine available options.

LED task light for Control consoles, infinity light designed by Humanscale

The 'Forever Hinges' mechanism allows the Infinity task light to maintain fluid movement and effortless positioning, setting it apart from other task lights in the industry. Its unmatched adaptability ensures users can easily adjust the light to accommodate any work scenario.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Infinity task light demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and durability. Constructed from polished aluminum and highly recycled and recyclable materials, it embodies the Humanscale philosophy of doing more with less. The use of polyethylene (PE) film on the head and base instead of paint further reduces environmental impact. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, the Infinity Light never needs adjustment and comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, assuring its lasting quality and reliability.

LED task light designed by humanscale for control consoles

With an array of thoughtful features and technical specifications, and various configuration options (desktop base, clamp, wall mount, slatwall mount, or floor stand), the Infinity LED Task Light by Humanscale truly sets a new standard for timeless design and unparalleled lighting performance. Elevate your workspace with this elegantly enduring and globally appealing task light for an exceptional lighting experience like never before.

What should you look for in a task light?

When selecting the perfect task light for your workspace, consider key features and capabilities found in the Attenzia, Mosso Pro, and Infinity LED lights. Look for innovative designs that offer uniform lighting concepts with HCL for enhanced productivity and well-being. Prioritize versatility with adjustable arms and lamp heads, allowing you to customize the lighting angle to your ergonomic preference. Seek energy efficiency with LED lighting, and maybe something that implements smart technologies like Bluetooth operation and integrated sensors for seamless control and reduced energy consumption. Choose equipment that complements the aesthetic of your center. Finally, prioritize sustainability with durable materials and long-lasting LED chips. By choosing a task light that combines these essential features, you can elevate your workstation to the next level of efficiency, functionality, and style.

Are you renovating your control center?

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