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Transit Series C-300

Control Room & Public Safety Dispatch Consoles

The Transit Series is a 911 dispatch console designed to offer the flexibility and durability required for 24/7 work environments. Each console is built according to our customer needs and surpasses the ANSI/HFES industry standards. We use durable materials to ensure our consoles are built to last and use smart technology integration to create an adaptable workspace for operators and telecommunicators.

001 Custom control room furniture for 911 dispatch.jpeg

  Transit Series Models for 911 Dispatch Consoles and Control Room Furniture

Sustema 911 dispatch console for control room

911 Dispatch Consoles with Ergonomic Design

The dual height-adjustable surfaces of the Transit console offers sit/stand capabilities and complete ergonomic control to operators and telecommunicators. Our dispatch consoles can be configured individually, in rows, or in groups to accommodate your workspace. You can also choose from a wide variety of edges and finishes to meet your aesthetic requirements.

004 911 dispatch consoles with ergonomic design by Sustema for Public Safety.jpg

Product Architecture For Heavy Duty Use in Public Safety And Other Control Rooms

Built to last, the Transit Series is engineered to withstand the intensive usage of 911 dispatch control rooms and other command center environments. Each console is made with high capacity actuators, heavy-duty steel frames, high-pressure laminate surfaces and sturdy slat walls to provide optimal comfort to telecommunicators.

Integrated Cable Management in 911 Dispatch and Control Room Consoles

Sustema's dispatch consoles are equipped with secure CPU enclosures and built-in cable management systems. The integrated cable management system helps to conceal and organize cables and protect hardware equipment while providing a seamless appearance to the workstation. These features keep IT equipment secure and easily accessible for reduced downtime and quick maintenance.

Accessories & Finishes For 911 Dispatch Consoles and Control Room Furniture

Our Transit 911 dispatch console can be designed with solid colored or wood-grained surfaces or other available variety of finishes. The console's surface edges can be made using T-molding, urethane or PVC and are available in multiple colors. Custom monument outlets can be placed on the work surface to easily connect to different devices. Some ports for data and power include, USB, VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, 12V power and more.

Custom work surfaces for 911 dispatch consoles made from different heavy duty materials
Crisis management system, ConsoleAlert for 911 dispatch consoles

ConsoleAlert® provides instant insights on the status, activities, and performance of teams. Specifically developed for 911 dispatch centers and PSAP applications, ConsoleALERT® lets telecommunicators request assistance from their supervisors directly from their console.

Crisis management system for 911 dispatch consoles

Radio Com.

Help Request

In a Call

Activity Status

PES 360: Personal Environmental System

PES 360 by Sustema is a personal environmental system designed to optimize comfort in the workplace. The user-friendly touch interface enables operators to set their preferred settings for heaters, fans and lights at the single touch of a button

911 Dispatch Console Installations

Our team of certified installers are available to install, service or maintain your 911 dispatch consoles at your convenience. Each console is pre-assembled and tested at our facility prior to shipment for quality assurance.

Transit series for 911 dispatch consoles by Sustema.jpeg

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