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What Is The Difference Between UL, CSA, and CE? (Electrical Certification)

UL Certification:

The UL certification stands for Underwriter Laboratories and only applies to the USA. While there are many variations under the UL mark, the two main ones are UL Listed and UL Recognised Component. Learn more

What is the difference between UL Listed and UL Recognized Component?

  • UL Listed means that UL has tested representative samples of a product and determined that the product meets specific requirements. If the product passes the test, the manufacturer is then allowed to stamp the product with an official UL Mark for quality assurance and marketing purposes. In some cases, UL Listed products may also be evaluated for compliance with additional requirements such as energy efficiency; safety; use in gas-fired equipment, plumbing, security, and signaling applications.

  • UL Recognized Component means that UL has evaluated only some components or materials used inside a complete product or system. Since UL Recognized only applies to the components, the letters “U-L” cannot be used when advertising the products. The appropriate symbol for promoting a UL Component Recognition is the UL Recognized Component Mark.


CSA Certification:

CSA stands for the Canadian Standards Association, a Canadian group that offers certification labels for electrical products, mechanical products, or ‘at risk’ ones in general. The CSA certification marks are recognized and widely accepted around the world. The CSA logo, found on many products, indicates that the product, process, and service have been tested according to Canadian or U.S. standards. CSA marks can be found on a wide variety of North American products including electrical and electronic, gas-fired, and personal protective equipment among other products. Learn More


CE Certification:

The CE certification is a symbol that a manufacturer marks to a product so that it can be sold in Europe. The CE mark means that the manufacturer takes full responsibility for the compliance of a product with all applicable European health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements. The CE marks are very different from other certifications such as UL, or CSA in that these can be used once the governing organizations have tested and approved that the products meet the applicable standards. In the case of the CE mark, there is no governing organization that oversees if products meet the applicable European standards, therefore making the manufacturer fully responsible to comply with EU regulations. When you see the letters CE on products like electronics and other household appliances, boats, or toys, those products meet the standards to be sold in the European Union and a handful of other European countries that subscribe to the same standards. It represents the French phrase "Conformite Europeenne," which indicates conformity with European law. Learn More

About Sustema

Sustema is a leading manufacturer of technical furniture and consoles for control room environments. With 25 years of experience in the industry manufacturing specialized solutions for IT-intensive environments, Sustema has acquired extensive knowledge in the different types of electric standards to certify the quality of our products and to ensure our clients comply with North-American standards. Contact us to talk with one of our representatives and advise you on the latest industry-standard for control room consoles.


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