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Designing an ergonomic trading room

Updated: Jun 5

Designing an ergonomic trading room

About the client

Our client is a successful real estate investment company with experience in finance, construction, renovation, asset management and acquisitions & dispositions. They provide expert advice to their clients throughout the US.

About the project

For their in-house financial team, our client required 5 ergonomic trading desks. They were looking for a comfortable workspace that is clutter-free. Also, they needed a heavy-duty solution that could support at least 6 monitors, featured height adjustability capabilities and integrated cable management into its design. It was also important that the trading room evoked a minimalist aesthetic while also promoting good ergonomic practices.

About the solution

We designed and built a trading desk that incorporated our client’s requirements.

Using a steel substructure our consoles are strong enough to handle the weight of all the equipment used in a professional trading room. As well as ensuring the work surface will remain in good shape for years to come.

Ergonomics for an ergonomic trading desk

Our client needed to mount 6 monitors directly on the work surface without compromising the available space for the rest of their equipment. The High-Pressure Laminate work surface supports the weight of the articulated monitor arms and features a grommet at the base for the cables to pass through the surface.

To ensure adequate cable management in the trading room our consoles integrate a variety of systems. Underneath the work surface, the power and data cables are routed through the surface frame, and some connect to a power bar. The rest of them continue all the way down through the cable chains, to protect them from any motion damage, and into the CPU enclosures.

To keep the IT equipment, secure our control consoles integrate steel CPU enclosures underneath the work surface. These are integrated into the steel substructure and feature lockable doors with steel hinges. Also to keep the IT equipment accessible these enclosures are equipped with metal sliding trays that facilitate any maintenance required.

Following the requirements of our clients to create an ergonomic trading room, our control consoles also feature two lifting columns that are quick and quiet. These are controlled using a keypad accessible on the front right side of the work surface. In addition to promoting movement throughout the workday, our consoles also feature a urethane edge that helps reduce wrist pain and relief tension.

About the results

Our client chose our Focus console due to its versatility and minimalist style. Our client now boasts a trading room that maximizes available space. By incorporating our heavy-duty trading desks their staff can enjoy working in a clutter-free workspace that promotes collaboration.

The wide work surface accommodates all the screens necessary for a trading desk while providing the operator with a clutter-free workspace. Thanks to the sturdy monitor arms mounted on the work surface, each operator can adjust the monitors to their desired depth.

The 84’ work surface are perfect for reading and working on multiple printed documents as well as leaving enough room to place as many accessories as are needed throughout the day. The HPL work surface is scratch resistant and extremely durable, which means that users can work without worrying about damaging their workstation. Also, thanks to the monument system, users have access to power and data directly on the work surface.

Our client now has height adjustable trading desks that allow operators to work while standing and seated. This adaptability allows for personalized adjustments, ensuring that each operator could work in a position that was ergonomically suitable for them. These features help reduce stress and fatigue for operators.

Our client chose our consoles for their trading room because they met all their technical requirements and selection criteria, including quality, durability, efficiency, and functionality.

Want to know how to create a modern setup for a trading room? Chat with us.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of specialized furniture for mission critical environments. As well as incorporating heavy duty work surfaces with height adjustability, our control consoles are designed to fit and adapt to our client's needs and specific requirements and not the other way around. Take the next step towards a secure and efficient trading room by partnering with us. Contact our team of specialists and industrial designers to work together on empowering your organization toward a safe and productive future that puts you in control and ahead of the competition.


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