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What is a Trading Desk?

Updated: May 25, 2023

Traders operating in the financial markets usually converge in a room known as the trading floor or trading room. The trading floor is made up of desks that share a large open space. Each desk, formally called a trading desk, specializes in a security type or market segment. Trading desks are where buying and selling of securities occur on the ground floor. Before the 1970s, many banks split their capital markets business into many different departments across several regions. These institutions began consolidating these departments in the 1970s following the launch of the NASDAQ, which required all investment firms to have equity trading desks. Today, many asset managers outsource their trading desks to these larger institutions. (Source: Investopedia)

Access Series C-100:

Sustema manufactures trading desks tailored to the needs of the financial sector. The Access series C-100 includes:

  • Height-Adjustable Surface

  • Integrated USB/Ethernet/Power Ports

  • Wireless Chargers

  • Secured CPU Enclosure

  • Smart Cable Management

  • 6-8+ CPU Monitors

  • Custom Configuration & Designs

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