Broadcast Control Room Console & Furniture Guide 2021

broadcast consoles inside a television and radio production control room
Broadcast Console Furniture

Fundamentals of Designing a Broadcast Control Center

What is a broadcast control room?

Broadcast control rooms allow for multiple people such as the producers, director/switchers, camera shader, and audio engineers to all be in one room and easily communicate with each other. Well-designed production rooms should also enable the production team to see everything that is going on in the main room, on the event screens and on the live streams. This is where large multi-view screens and video walls come in handy. Sustema specializes in designing and manufacturing both control room console furniture and video wall systems so that the technical team can customize their workflow and work area for their specific needs at any given time.

  • Consoles & Furniture – With all the cables, and servers in a control room- it’s important to have control room furniture which keeps knobs and dials near your fingertips- while keeping the cables accessible but out of sight.

  • Control Room Video Wall – a variety of reference monitors hung on a custom bracket- this helps your control room team visually manage all the video and audio components in a broadcast.

furniture for broadcast control room
Fixed-Height, Single Surface, L-Shaped, Broadcast Console

Integrated Cable Management

Determining all the termination locations in the production room facility is critical. Broadcast designers should consider the conduit pathways between all of these locations to ensure adequate camera support or communication challenges for the TV production crew. Taking time to review the cable management system will also help eliminate unnecessary or incorrect cabling, saving your client significant amounts of money and eliminating huge headaches for production crews when it’s time to go live. Sustema's technical furniture and video wall solutions for broadcasting centers integrate cable management systems to store and run all the equipment and cables used for production.

broadcast console and workstation desks control room
Height-Adjustable, Single Surface, L-Shaped, Broadcast Console


Broadcast control room are often set up with numerous groups of computer monitors where the production crew can monitor their patients. Over time, working on fixed prefabricated desks or benches can result in a lack of efficien