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Broadcast Control Room Console & Furniture Guide 2021

broadcast consoles inside a television and radio production control room
Broadcast Console Furniture

Fundamentals of Designing a Broadcast Control Center

What is a broadcast control room?

Broadcast control rooms allow for multiple people such as the producers, director/switchers, camera shader, and audio engineers to all be in one room and easily communicate with each other. Well-designed production rooms should also enable the production team to see everything that is going on in the main room, on the event screens and on the live streams. This is where large multi-view screens and video walls come in handy. Sustema specializes in designing and manufacturing both control room console furniture and video wall systems so that the technical team can customize their workflow and work area for their specific needs at any given time.

  • Consoles & Furniture – With all the cables, and servers in a control room- it’s important to have control room furniture which keeps knobs and dials near your fingertips- while keeping the cables accessible but out of sight.

  • Control Room Video Wall – a variety of reference monitors hung on a custom bracket- this helps your control room team visually manage all the video and audio components in a broadcast.

furniture for broadcast control room
Fixed-Height, Single Surface, L-Shaped, Broadcast Console

Integrated Cable Management

Determining all the termination locations in the production room facility is critical. Broadcast designers should consider the conduit pathways between all of these locations to ensure adequate camera support or communication challenges for the TV production crew. Taking time to review the cable management system will also help eliminate unnecessary or incorrect cabling, saving your client significant amounts of money and eliminating huge headaches for production crews when it’s time to go live. Sustema's technical furniture and video wall solutions for broadcasting centers integrate cable management systems to store and run all the equipment and cables used for production.

broadcast console and workstation desks control room
Height-Adjustable, Single Surface, L-Shaped, Broadcast Console


Broadcast control room are often set up with numerous groups of computer monitors where the production crew can monitor their patients. Over time, working on fixed prefabricated desks or benches can result in a lack of efficiency due to the uncomfortable workstations and a load of complaints from the staff

For this reason, planning to build or update your broadcast control room requires an understanding of the design criteria and best ergonomic practices before getting started. Sustema's professional team of industrial designers, installers, and customer support staff will work alongside you every step of the way.

Some considerations include not only the ergonomics of the desks but also their functionality. For this type of situation, the desks need to accommodate multiple CPU monitors, power and data cables, telephones, printers, barcode scanners, keyboards, mice, KVM switches, speakers, and routers. The desks also need to properly handle the weight of all necessary equipment, be able to provide vertical and focal depth monitor adjustment, and be able to raise and lower their surfaces to fit any individual.

broadcast center furniture price
Fixed-Height, Single Surface, Linear, Broadcast Console

Broadcast Control Room Design Checklist

The process of selecting a broadcast control room furniture manufacturer may seem overwhelming at first but Sustema's team is here to guide you throughout the process.

Here is a question checklist to start narrowing down the basics

  1. How many people will be using this room on average?

  2. Is there an assigned project manager or an architect?

  3. Has an ergonomist approved your project?

  4. Are there work-related injuries that need to be addressed?

  5. What are the current issues with the room?

  6. What is your budget?

  7. What is your timeline?

  8. What equipment will be used on the desk?

  9. Where is the power coming from?

  10. Is this a new build or a remodel?

  11. Where will the main room located?

  12. How many monitors will there be on the console?

  13. How many monitors will there be on the video wall?

These are all great questions to ask yourself and your team which will help you clarify the functionality of the room and its impact on the production crew working in the room. This will also be beneficial when the time comes to talk with furniture manufacturers.

How Much Do Broadcast Consoles Cost?

The best broadcast consoles and workstations not only deliver optimum comfort but also enables greater coordination and collaboration among the team. Broadcast consoles and workstations can cost anywhere from $4,999 - $19,999+. The price will be determined by the level of customization, service, and features required on the console.

Feature Examples:

  • Dual-surface height adjustment

  • User height pre-sets

  • Focal depth adjustment for monitors

  • USB connection trough for convenient keyboard and mice connection

  • Personal climate control heaters and lights, cooling fan at the desk

  • LED task lighting

  • Premium cable management

  • USB and power outlets on the desk surface

  • Side work surfaces

  • Paperwork storage

broadcast console manufacturer
Height-Adjustable, Linear, Broadcast Console

What Should be Included in a Broadcast Console Furniture Quote?

When receiving quotes for new broadcast desks, console manufacturers should include all the feature costs, installation fees, timelines, plans. Other things to include are as follow:

  • Payment terms

  • Freight costs and fees

  • Installation and labor costs and fees

  • Applicable warranty breakdown

Console Manufacturer Turnkey Solutions, From Design to Installation

At the end of the day, building a lasting professional relationship with your furniture manufacturer is the key to completing the ideal telemetry room. Sustema has the experience and can help guide you through the process. Sustema offers a team of professionals to handle every detail of your project from start to finish including:

  • Sustema is simply the best dealer and systems integrator for installing and supporting large-and-small broadcast studios, mobile trucks, and fixed facilities, as well as fly pack and remote production systems.

  • Our success in designing, installing, and supporting broadcast systems and studios comes from our eclectic and experienced team that successfully installs a broad range of audiovisual, post-production and broadcast system solutions.

  • Free Interior design space planning, measuring, and consultation to make sure your space meets current ADA and fire code clearances.

  • Experienced Sustema employed installers.

  • A friendly, dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

  • In-house manufacturing and warranty.

Sustema has over 25 years of experience in the industry designing and manufacturing custom-made consoles for 24/7 and critical applications. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or services at


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