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Video Wall Systems for Mission Critical Operations

Modular & Self-Standing Video Wall System

Mission Critical Operation Centers like 9-1-1 Communications, EOC, SOC, Energy & Utility & Port Authorities are highly focused environments demanding an intense amount of technology with a continuous flow of information from multiple sources. Fast and accurate decision-making relies on real-time data from multiple sources and is often displayed on video wall systems.

Sustema’s Video Wall systems help organizations with greater 24/7 situational awareness through advanced monitoring of media feeds, local events happening in real-time and provide the big picture view for better response in allocating resources in the right place at the right time.

Emergency Operations Center

Imagine a scenario where a fully capable emergency operations center may synchronize 911 responses with disaster response in one location unifying efforts during a disaster or major event. The capability of an operator to control the content on the video wall such as centralizing security cameras, media feeds and geo-mapping location data is critical to help promote a safer and more accurate response on the field. By integrating a video wall system, you increase the capability for teams to work independently and collaboratively with increased visibility on police, fire, and EMS in their current physical environment and situation. Leveraging live feeds from what is happening on the field allows dispatchers to better assist in influencing real-time decisions. For example, when a flood or natural disaster occurs, it gives the operation center the ability to assess a critical situation from a remote location using true real-time networks displayed through a video wall system. The video wall also empowers an operator working independently from their workstation to display critical content for collaborative discussion.

Security Operations Center

In the case of the Security Operations Center, a video wall has the potential to accelerate response times giving the flexibility for personnel to react quickly in tense situations as they happen. Consider the scenario of a critical incident where a SOC team member focused on the CCTV security cameras will need to formulate a quick decision in order to dispatch the right support to the required location in order to meet a successful resolution.

Custom-Made Video Wall System

Sustema has over 20 years of experience helping mission-critical operations including concept, design, and execution into first-class mission-critical communication centers. Built for 24/7 applications Sustema's modular video wall structure is specifically designed to meet the needs of each application. Certified by our team of industrial designers, the heavy-duty steel frame ensures the strength and stability of the system. The control room video wall can be used as a self-standing system or anchored to the floor, making it easy to install and adapt to any environment. The various bracket systems and horizontal beams allow users to easily configure the monitors at the desired height on the video wall.

We bring all aspects of your operational space into consideration including console layouts, video wall placement and sightlines, acoustics, workflow, and more. Our experts help you analyze your needs and create the ideal command center layout.

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