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The Operator (Short Film)

The Operator

Written and directed by Caroline Bartleet, Operator won the BAFTA for Best Short Film in 2016. Set entirely in an emergency call center, it tells the story of one particular call, handled by Scotswoman Laura (Kate Dickie). Gemma has apparently woken up to discover a fire in her house and her young son, Jamie, is trapped upstairs. Despite Laura asking Gemma to stay downstairs, the latter cannot refrain from trying to save her son. With both mother and son now trapped in an upstairs bedroom, will Laura be able to keep them safe until the fire engine arrive? No matter the outcome, Laura will have another call to handle straight after. And another after that. If you like the BAFTA-winning Operator by Caroline Bartleet, be sure to rate it and share it.

NENA TC Tip: Do I have PTSD?

In this video, Dr. Michelle Lilly takes us in the Center to help correct the assumptions about PTSD and helps us understand the difference between PTSD and other conditions.


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