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How to Choose the Right Control Room for Your Console?

Consoles furniture set up in a control room

Considering Your Industry

First and foremost, your control room that you choose may depend on the industry that you are in; e.g., emergency services, process control, security, finance, transportation, energy & utilities, broadcasting, military, healthcare, etc.

Industries such as emergency services, process control, security, finance, transportation, energy & utilities, broadcasting, military, healthcare

Because each industry control room may require their own type of consoles to be configured uniquely based upon the consoles dimensions, design, and functionalities, a variety of different consoles are available in the marketplace, such as the Transit C-300, the Focus C-200, and the Access C-100. But regardless of the industry, all control rooms and console ergonomics must be able to maximize workspace efficiency and mitigate all possible risks such as indoor traffic accidents, hazardous disasters, etc.

Considering Your Control Room

Depending on the number of consoles that your organization is planning on setting up, you should consider the size of the control room (e.g., small control room, or medium, or large) and keeping in mind of the layout and configurations of each console. It is also important to consider your operators’ personal space for ergonomic clearances purposes.

Consoles furniture floor plan set up

In addition, the control room should be spacious enough in order to avoid obstructing verbal and non-verbal communication between operators, easing teamwork among the staff, and providing supervision requirements. Ultimately, the control room must consider the level of personnel traffic in the workplace.

Furthermore, you must consider if the control room provides enough flexibility with technology integration and development for future expansion. That is a control room that focuses on the connectivity of several components such as the hardware, the online servers, data visualization, video walls system, efficient workflows, and operator controls. Also, the control room must provide an environment that is safe and secure for consoles in order to follow ergonomic clearances in the workplace.

Considering Your Console

As mentioned above, there are several types of consoles available in the marketplace. Each console has unique features that differentiates between one another along serving unique industries.

Consoles for control room such as Transit C-300, Focus C-200, and Access C-100

  • Transit C-300: it has the most heavy-duty structure with dual surfaces, along with maximum CPU capacity. This console serves industries like public safety, transportation, energy & utilities, military, etc. Learn more about the Transit C-300.

  • Focus C-200: it has a lighter structure that is wall-based with a slatwall, along with an average CPU capacity, and this console provides more leg movement flexibility. This console serves similar industries as the Transit C-300, but in addition to other industries like healthcare and broadcasting. Learn more about the Focus C-200.

  • Access C-100: it has the lightest structure of all consoles, along with a minimum CPU capacity. This console serves industries like finance and education. Learn more about the Access C-100.

*Each console model is not limited to its industry, meaning that, technically, any console can be used in any industry, but the above are recommendations based on industries demand.

Moreover, all consoles have common features such as the ability to mount multiple monitors, cable management, heavy-duty actuators, etc. In addition, to the common ability to equip accessories such as monument ports, grommet holes, keypads, PES 360 device, and more. Also, consoles can be configured with different angles such as linear, 90-degree angle, and 120-degree angle, in order to be best accommodated in the control room.

Considering Your Supplier

Finding a partner that can help you choose the right control room and consoles is important, because their expertise in design and manufacturing can guide you to go for the best option that is best tailored to you.

About Sustema

Sustema specializes in the design and manufacturing of technical furniture and consoles for IT-intensive mission-critical work environments. Sustema has help thousands of clients across North-America implement ergonomic furniture for their control rooms, command centers, and 9-1-1 dispatch centers.

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