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Custom Color Options for 911 Dispatch Consoles

How to choose the right color for your dispatch consoles?

Choosing the right colors for your new dispatch center can be a difficult and overwhelming task, but, it is also a fun process where you and your team can be more creative and really create a unique design for your center. The design phase is also one of the last steps before sending your order into production, so it's important that everyone in your team agrees on the final design as consoles will remain the same for the next 10 to 15+ years. When working with us, our team of industrial designers will guide you throughout the entire design process and give you advice on the latest interior design trends to make sure you make the best decision. This article is a short step-by-step guide to help you choose the right colors for your dispatch consoles and give you a few tips on what to consider for your next furniture project!

1) Interior Design

To give you an idea, the design process usually involves choosing from multiple colors and textures for the work surface, surface edge, CPU enclosures, frame, and wall panels. A good way to start is to first examine your room or the interior design drawings of your future communications center. Usually, most clients work on both the interior design and the console color choices simultaneously to make sure they work well together. When examining the room, consider things like the wall paint color, the carpet fabric and style, and the ceiling color, lighting, and even access to natural light. Ideally, try to get multiple opinions from direct stakeholders in the project to make sure nothing is missed.

Tip: Choosing your furniture first can help you to select a room color palette more naturally. Remember: paint colors can be changed quite easily compared to furniture only comes in a specific variety of colors!

2) Surface Color

Sustema offers multiple choices of textured wood grain and solid colors for the workstation surfaces. Ranging from "oak" style colors to create a more natural look all the way to solid light grey for a more modern design. Worksurfaces are made of high-pressure laminate as it is one of the most durable materials for 24/7 work environments.

3) Surface Edge Color

The edge of the work surface is one of the main touchpoints between 911 operators and the console. It will be used to rest their wrists, forearms, or elbows which is why its design can have a large impact on their comfort at work. Surface edges are available in different models such as urethane, T-Molding, and edge bands with all of their own benefits and advantages. Popular colors are often darker tones such as dark grey, black, and brown. A good way to choose the right color is to use the same color as the base of the console to create a nice contrast with the color of the surface.

4) CPU Enclosure Color

At Sustema, CPU enclosures are designed based on each client's needs in terms of size, functionality, style, and technology integrations. The enclosures are made out of heavy-duty steel to make sure they can withstand 24/7 use without bending over time like other wood composites used by other console manufacturers. The most popular colors include black, charcoal, white, or silver which are made with powder coats for more durabililty.

5) Wall Panels Color

When it comes to the wall cable management system, it can be combined with different colors on the top and bottom panels and with different materials such as high-pressure laminate or fabric. This gives our clients a lot of choices in terms of interior design and color choices. However, the wall system is not always integrated with the consoles depending on the type of application.

Start Customizing Your 9-1-1 Dispatch Consoles!

At Sustema, we take pride in helping our clients create a healthy work environment with comfortable and functional furniture solutions. Whether you need custom console dimensions to fit your room, technology integrations to fit your IT equipment, or personalized colors, we will make sure to give you the best solutions. Let us know if you have any questions here so we can assist you in the design of your communications center.


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