Worksurface Edges for 9-1-1 Dispatch Consoles

Worksurface Edges for Hight-Traffic Areas

From the console structure to the ergonomic accessories, 24/7 work environments will require high-quality furniture equipment in order to withstand the intensive usage over time. However, one of the elements that is often overlooked is the worksurface edge. The edge of the worksurface is one of the main touchpoints between dispatchers and the console. It will be used to rest their wrists, forearms, or elbows which is why its design can have a large impact on their comfort at work. Additionally, the surface edge also serves as a cushion to protect the surface from being scratched by chairs, doors, or people passing by. For these reasons, Sustema makes sure to provide the highest design and quality materials so that something as simple as the edge of the surface does not fall off or stick out over time and so t