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CPU Enclosures for 9-1-1 Dispatch Consoles

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Computer Cabinet Storage

Unlike standard office furniture where CPUs are placed over the work surface or underneath it using a hanging shelf, the nature of activities in the 9-1-1 dispatch centers requires them to use much more complex CPU enclosures. The reason being that CPU enclosures for this type of application need to adhere to standards ergonomic principles such as giving the proper leg clearance for its users, but also, they need to act as fail-safe mechanisms that can help avoid any interruption to the electronic equipment used by operators such as the CPUs, the monitors, radios, and KVMs.

Things to Consider

When looking to upgrade your 9-1-1 dispatch consoles, it is important to consider where your current system is performing well and what could be improved in terms of design and technology. This can be helpful when you talk about your needs to your console manufacturer as it will guide the design and type of solution needed for your communications center. Here is a list of some things to consider.

  • Is there enough space? It can be helpful to have space to grow the system over time without crowding the equipment inside the CPU enclosure.

  • Is there a proper cable management system? Having enough space is also a matter of managing the cables from the equipment properly. In time, cables get wind up together and make it harder to access the equipment when troubleshooting which brings me to the next point.

  • Is there enough power? Are you running out of places where to find power for your equipment? This is an important point to take note of as it can highly influence the design process and your ability to grow your IT-system over time.

  • Is there proper ventilation? something as simple as having openings in the enclosures can help dissipate the heat produced from computers. You may have a ventilation system but does it make too much noise? Or, does it turn on at random times?

  • Is it easy to access? Do the IT technicians spend more time trying to reach the computers rather than troubleshooting the systems? in 24/7 mission-critical applications, this should not be the case. Technicians should be able to troubleshoot any issues quickly.

Custom Design & Quality

At Sustema, CPU enclosures are designed based on each client's needs in terms of size, functionality, style, and technology integrations. The enclosures are made out of heavy-duty steel to make sure they can withstand 24/7 use without bending over time like other wood composites used by other console manufacturers. The CPU enclosures can be placed underneath the work surface, either in the middle section or on the sides.

  • Made of steel & highly secured with locks

  • Multiple configurations, under the work surface, in the middle, or on the sides

  • Colors include black, charcoal, white, or silver

  • Can be made for raised floors with access from the bottom

  • Custom enclosure vents in the front, back, and top

Ergonomic Functionality

CPU enclosures are designed to meet the needs of today's reality in the emergency communications center. With operators often working long shifts, it is important to consider things such as having enough leg space underneath the console in order for people from different heights to work comfortably. In terms of ergonomic functionality, Sustema designs CPU enclosures that provide easy access to the IT-equipment from the front or back, and with sliding CPU shelves.

For those of you who happen to work in colder areas, it is also possible to add heaters underneath the work surface to keep your staff warm. While the controls for the heaters are on the work surface, the heaters are integrated at the base of the CPU enclosure or on the sides. Learn more

  • 18" leg clearance under the work surface

  • Min. 24" knee clearance for height-adjustable consoles

  • Sliding CPU Shelves, accessible from the front & back

  • Heaters

Technology Integrations

Every aspect of a dispatch console is designed to integrate both ergonomy and technology for operators to interact seamlessly with their equipment. At Sustema, the CPU enclosures are no exception. Depending on the IT requirements in your communications center, dispatch consoles are capable of hosting more than 6 CPUs simultaneously without overcrowding the space thanks to a smart cable management system. We are also able to integrate 19" rackmounts directly inside the enclosure, and KVM boxes. The enclosure can also serve as a power hub for all the equipment used on the console by integrating power bars or power outlet walls.

With all the energy used by CPUs and other IT equipment, it is not surprising that the enclosure can overheat at certain times. To overcome this issue, we've integrated silent thermostatic fans to dissipate the hot air outside the enclosure. The thermostatic fans can be programmed to monitor the temperature inside the cabinet and release the hot air as needed to save energy.

*As a bonus, it is also possible to add automatic lights inside the enclosure so whenever someone opens the doors, the light turns on so you can see the equipment inside without having to use a lamp.

  • Power Outlet Wall/Power bars

  • Silent Thermostatic Ventilation

  • Automatic LED Lights

  • 6+ CPUs

  • KVM Enclosure

  • 19" Rackmount Integration

CPU Cabinet Storage Space

While it is nice to have uncluttered work surfaces, sometimes it can create another issue. Where do I put my belongings? You may think that it can be kept at the lockers but it is always good to have some storage space at hand. This can be used for the operator's personal belongings or to store work-related documents and equipment. At Sustema, we can customize the CPU enclosures to become storage areas that are easily accessible with sliding doors.

Cable Management

One of the questions that often comes up with our clients is the cable management system that will be used to organize the cables from all the equipment. At Sustema, we've become experts in providing this type of solution and even making it work for height-adjustable surfaces. We do this by integrating power and data raceways where cables will be run through. These are then run through cable chains to power the equipment on the work surface such as the monitors, keyboards, mouses, touch screens, phones, and much more.

Benefits of Sustema's CPU Enclosures

Sustema ensures your equipment is easily accessible for quick maintenance. Equipment cabinets come in multiple configurations and sizes, including, internal power, LED lighting, silent cooling fans, and cable management. CPU Cabinet Storage CPU or computer storage in workstation consoles should always adhere to standard ergonomic principles, keeping the user’s knee and leg space clear and free of obstructions.

  • Slide-out CPU shelves

  • Built-in cooling fans

  • LED lighting

  • Front/back cabinet 

  • Air circulation venting

  • Heavy-duty metallic construction

  • Leg and knee space clear of obstructions

Contact us to learn more about our custom CPU enclosures for 9-1-1 dispatch consoles.



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