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Case Study: Desjardins Securities

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

About the client, a company specializing in securities brokerage

Desjardins Securities (DS) is a Desjardins Group subsidiary specializing in securities brokerage. It offers a wide range of products and investment services to individuals, institutional investors, and corporations. Over one hundred brokers work in its offices in Montreal’s Windsor Complex.

Designing a dense trading floor with modern and sleek trading desks

Desjardins Securities, which is located in a four-story atrium, wanted to create an environment in compliance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) regulations from the U.S. Green Council. For this important project, DS required specialized furniture that would meet the brokers’ needs while complying with the environmental values of the corporation.

Following a tendering process among the major manufacturers, Sustema was selected to undertake the project, largely because of the competitiveness of its products and its cutting-edge expertise.

The project: Retrofitting a heritage building into a modern workspace for traders and brokers

This very complex project had strict deadline requirements in spite of requiring the close collaboration of its several players, including Sustema’s own designers, designer architects, air conditioning engineers, and project managers. The technical consoles also had to be designed to match the ultra-modern architecture of the interior space and integrate with a new concept for the atrium’s air conditioning system.

Designing a dense trading floor with modern and sleek trading desks
The project consisted of designing a dense trading floor for more than 150 traders and brokers

The Solution: Cutting-edge trading desks designed for IT-intensive environments

The Access console series – technical furniture designed for spaces that are high-density technologically and specially designed for securities professionals. This completely innovative product allows the passage of cool air directly into the consoles themselves. It also permits multiple configurations and works perfectly with the sophisticated and upscale look of the surrounding architecture.

The Result: An award-winning, modern, elegant, and green workspace in the heart of Montreal

Ultra Modern trading floor with high tech trading desks
Desiardins Securities retrofitted the building into an ultra-modern workspace with a dense trading floor for its more than 150 traders and brokers.

The Access series offers three console models: open-concept workstations without privacy screening; partially open-concept workstations with a central low wall; and closed workstations with higher central walls.

All three models allow the installation of lateral screens between the workstations, depending on the height desired. The product rests on a rectangular metallic structure, welded and sealed, to which the work surface is attached. This structure allows the installation of large lighting fixtures that provide the desired level of ambient light in the atrium.

Another original concept: air from the ground cools the computers located inside the sealed structure. The air is then expelled to the outside by means of a central ventilation grid specially created for the purpose. The product’s central grid, the access doors on the work surface, and the integrated lighting system create a unique character and an aesthetic appeal that works brilliantly with the surrounding architecture.

The work surfaces are configured according to the client’s specific needs. The surfaces are equipped with a grooved aluminum panel to which the screens are attached and a special opening through which all the computer cabling can be run for easy installation.

The raceways-type power supply is located in the upper central part of the structure. Special accessories are designed for the installation of data, telephone, and coaxial cables. The inside of the structure is easily accessed from either side thanks to cleverly designed sliding doors. The computer stands allow air circulation and space where cables can be run, which ensures efficient management of the network from the ground up.

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Our more than 25 years of experience in this field allowed us to deliver precisely what Desjardins Securities needed to move forward with its modernization plans. We're proud of the work we've done at Montreal's Windsor Complex and look forward to future opportunities to help organizations in the convention center industry achieve their goals.

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