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Broadcast Console Furniture - Case Study

About the Project:

For this project, Sustema was mandated by a national broadcasting company to design, manufacture and install multiple broadcast workstations. The workstations required the integration of custom-made equipment enclosures installed on the work surfaces, CPU storage, multiple screen holding capabilities, and smart cable management. Sustema was also responsible for designing an ergonomic floor plan to optimize the workspace and ergonomic consoles.

Console Workstation Design:

With the client's needs analysis, Sustema's team of industrial designers created multiple concepts that responded to the different demands and functionalities. For instance, the customer requested both linear and L-shaped consoles capable of holding up to 8 monitors of different dimensions.

Broadcast Console Installation:

Sustema's broadcast workstation was preassembled and tested at our manufacturing facility before being shipped to the customer's location. Sustema certified installer ensured the delivery and installation of the consoles. The consoles include height-adjustable work surfaces, heavy-duty monitor arms, a steel-based structure, and soft waterfall urethane edges among other features.

About Sustema

Sustema specializes in the design and manufacturing of broadcast center consoles and furniture across North America. Have a project coming up soon? Contact us for a free consultation and design renderings!


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