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The Focus Series Stationary Consoles HD are built for control room applications with a great quantity of IT equipment. The heavy-duty back wall system allows to support worksurfaces while offering maximum knee space to the users. All accessories such as monitor arms, task lamps, shelves, and monuments are supported on the 38” high slatwall, offering a clutter-free worksurface.  The Focus Series Stationary Consoles HD are equipped with  CPU cabinets, offering all the necessary space to house CPUs side by side on a sliding shelf. Built to offer maximum modularity, the Focus System will allow management of a great quantity of IT equipment, cables and monitors.


  • Heavy-duty Wall system Structure
  • Ergonomic console for maximum user satisfaction
  • Computer enclosure with sliding shelf (front and back of the wall system)
  • Integrated cable management for easy access
  • Low and high voltage cable separation
  • Equipped to support LCD Arms on the Slatwall system
  • HPL worksurfaces with reinforced metal studs
  • Tool less removable panels at the back or front of the station
  • Modular System allowing future reconfiguration
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Wide variety of worksurfaces edgings
  • Wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Optional Retractable Monument for easy and quick access

Focus: Stationary Console Linear HD

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