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Utility, Power Plant Control Room Consoles & Furniture (Pictures)

Power Plant & Utility Control Room Console Manufacturer in North-America

Utility and power plant control rooms often function 24/7 all year-long. To do so, power plants and utility companies follow strict employee rotation schedules that can sometimes overlap to ensure the least amount of downtime. However, the furniture and other immovables still need to withstand 24/7 use while still offering the flexibility to easily adapt to the high-paced and ever-changing environment of the power plant or utility company control rooms. Sustema Inc. has over 25 years of experience offering a wide selection of utility control room furniture that can be tailored to your specific needs in terms of dimensions, functionality, style and design.

What's Included with Control Room Consoles?

Control room consoles for power plants and utility companies can vary in terms of size, functionality, design, and price! For instance, certain applications ma require operators to monitor more than 10 computer screens per workstation using 4 CPU's in the background while another one may only require 4 computer screens using 1 CPU. The following list describes different elements that can be included on power plant and utility furniture.

  • Multiple CPU, KVM, Equipement Storage

  • Single or Dual Surfaces

  • Linear, Cockpit, L-Shape Console Style

  • Fixed or Height-Adjustable Surfaces

  • Seamless Cable Management through hidden yet easily accessible raceways and beams

  • On Surface, Custom-made Buttons

  • Fans, Heaters, Speakers, Task Lights

  • Adjustable Monitor Arms

  • Power, USB, VGA, Outlets

  • Plexiglass Protectors

  • Personal Storage Space

  • Power Bars

  • Sliding CPU Shelves

  • Ventilated CPU Enclosures (Active Fans)

  • Custom colors and textures

  • Urethane, PVC Edges

Power Plant & Utilities Furniture Installations (Pictures)

Browse Sustema's online control room console catalog to see our wide variety of furniture solutions. Our consoles can be tailored to fit your space and facility aesthethics while remaining the most ergonomic and functional work area for a 24/7 environment.

Sustema | Modern Console & Technical Furniture Solutions

Sustema has extensive experience with the demands of power plants and utility companies, where process automation (i.e. Distributed Control System) and security (i.e. Condition Monitoring) are paramount. We understand the critical needs of monitoring emergency and disaster situations. Our modular, ergonomic, Made-in-North-America design and manufacturing fully considers the needs of your control room.

What we offer:

  1. 100% free consultation services

  2. In-house design with unlimited client reviews (renders & floor layouts)

  3. In-house manufacturing and testing facility for quality assurance

  4. Shipping & installation services

  5. Customer service and console maintenance

Years of experience working with power plants and utility companies supplying furniture for their control room environments have helped us understand the industry’s unique needs. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the best possible control room solutions for our utility industry clients, selecting and installing high-quality furniture materials that are designed to function with complex technological setups in 24/7 work environments. Sustema consoles are designed to be mounted with large monitor arrays, multiple computers, and power & data cables while maintaining a commitment to sleek aesthetics and great functionality


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